Gritting trucks pelted with ROCKS by impatient drivers angry at being stuck behind them

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Ice gritting trucks are being targeted by impatient motorists – who have been pelting their vehicles with rocks.

Staff at Northamptonshire Council revealed they have come under a barrage of missiles while out on their rounds as they attempt to make the roads safe from icy conditions.

They said disgruntled drivers stuck behind their vehicles have been pulling over to throw stones and bricks at them – because they drive too slow.

A Northamptonshire gritting lorry like those that have been pelted with rocks by impatient drivers

A Northamptonshire gritting lorry like those that have been pelted with rocks by impatient drivers

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Highways said there had been numerous incidents of drivers coming under attack while spreading grit across the county.

He said: “Unfortunately, some of our drivers have had stones and bricks thrown at them.

“Our drivers are out two to three times day, trying to keep the county’s roads safe.

“Unfortunately, people have been getting impatient and started to throw things at the vehicles.

“We have also had people overtaking the vehicles, even though our gritters have been going at a decent speed – making it dangerous for everyone.

“We have 27 drivers on the county’s road, working around the clock and we just want people to respect that and be patient.

“When we have damage to a vehicle, like a broken window, it has to come off-road meaning delays to the work we are trying to do.”

Motorists across Northamptonshire yesterday (Thurs) gave mixed opinions on the gritters.

Administrator Sandy Benville, 25, from Daventry, Northants., said: “They are trying to make the roads safer for everyone.

“People moan when the gritters haven’t been out but when they are – people get so impatient.

“It’s pathetic.”

But mechanic Karl Newman, 19, from Northampton, added: “They are such a pain. They scratch the paint-work on my car and they drive so slow.

“They should go out in the middle of the night when nobody is around.”

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