Great grandfather, 76, uses walking stick to fight off weirdo intruder who climbed half-naked into his BED

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A great grandfather used his walking stick to fight off a warped intruder who climbed half-naked – into his BED.

Peter Than, 76, grabbed the makeshift weapon after the weirdo broke into his home wearing a pair shorts, one sock and no shoes.

He then crept into the pensioner’s bedroom then pulled back his sheets – and tried to lie down next to him.

Dazed Peter woke up and bundled the stranger out of bed before reaching for his walking stick.

The thug responded by clubbing the OAP over the head with a rock used as a doorstop but the elderly man was able to fend him off.

Eventually he fled the flat in Plymouth, Devon, leaving Peter, a former mining engineer, drenched in blood.

Peter said: “I pushed him out of the bed and he fell off, then I tried to push him out of the flat door .

“I was worried as I have a bit of a heart problem. I’ve never punched anybody, even as a schoolboy, but I did hit him with my walking stick.

“He threw a few punches but then he picked up a rock I use as a door stop.

“I was able to push him through the front door and pushed it shut but he managed to open it and came back in to give me a bit more bashing.

“Eventually I got him to the door and he ran.”

Peter staggered to a neighbour’s flat who called for paramedics and police.

He added: “I had blood all over me, dripping onto the floor. I thought I was going to die.

“I felt nothing but the blood on my head and face.

“The hospital staff patched me up very well with stitches and glue to close the wounds.

“They did a marvellous job. I worry that I’m never going to see my own face again as I have lot of scars.”

Neighbours watched the suspect fleeing in what they described to police as “jockey shorts and a T-shirt.”

Officers think the stranger was drunk but they have no idea why he tried to climb into the OAP’s bed at 7am on Sunday.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the suspect was white, in his 30s, around 6ft tall and of medium build.

He wore a pair of black and white chequered knee-length shorts, a grey top, just one sock and no shoes.

Det Con Christian Ferris said: “This was a violent assault on an elderly man in his own home.

“Mr Than has been left with facial injuries and a wound to his chest. He had lost a lot of blood before he got to hospital.

“The suspect is unknown to Mr Than and it appears from descriptions he may have been under the influence of alcohol.

“We want to hear from anyone who was in the area or has information about this incident.”

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