How to look good without going under the knife

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Appearance is something that we are all concerned about and rates high on the list of importance. The way we style ourselves and the things that we wear are often a reflection of our personalities and with fashion being such a huge consideration, we are all under pressure to look our very best. It doesn’t just stop at the clothes that we wear.

Our general appearance is also very important and more and more people turn to plastic surgery to improve the way they look with facelifts, boob jobs and liposuction being some of the most common procedures. But there are ways to look good without going to the extremes of having an operation. Simply taking care of ourselves, eating sensibly and having beauty regimes can help us stay looking healthier and younger for longer.


A toned and fit body will make us appear slimmer, which reduces the need for surgeries such as liposuction, which are known for being temporary solutions to a long term problem. Exercise not only improves our appearance, but it has been proven that it gives us a better attitude and frame of mind, helping to relieve pressure and tensions that are built up through everyday life.

Regular exercise is one way to stay looking good without going under the knife

Regular exercise is one way to stay looking good without going under the knife

Exercise will not transform our bodies overnight but results will be clear after a few short weeks and maintaining a good exercise regime will help us to maintain the figures we want.


Eyes are the main feature of a face and bags and puffy eyes can make us appear older, tired and generally run down. Moisturising and having bright shiny eyes makes everyone look instantly healthier. Those that have to wear glasses are also categorised as a certain type of person simply by the frames they choose and the fact they so easily dominate a face.

Opting for contact lenses can give an entirely different look and means you have the option of a more business-like appearance in the day and a relaxed appearance in the evening for example.


The way you style your hair can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Different cuts and styles flatter different face shapes and personal styles and there are many who simply do not have the best cut for their facial features and personal style. Hair is most people’s crowning glory and the healthy glossy hair reflects a person’s health and attitude to their appearance.

The choice of hair colour can also help people look healthy, young and stylish. Warm tones warm up a complexion, whereas lighter tones can soften a complexion.


Being generally healthy will influence the way you look and the way you feel. Eating the right foods will benefit different areas of your body. Calcium for example, will encourage nice nails and teeth, whereas being well hydrated will be reflected in the health of your skin. If you feel good more often than not you will look good, as confidence oozes from you and encourages you to spend more time on your appearance.


The state of your general health is shown within your skin. Dull, dry skin will be due to poor eating habits and poor health, whereas glowing skin will show you are a healthy person.

The skin has natural collagen within it, which prevents lines and wrinkles from appearing too soon and can reduce the intensity of them when they do finally appear. Drinking plenty of water, protecting your skin from the elements and a good skin care routine will help you to look young, healthy and refreshed, which will change the way people see you.

Many surgeries can be considered unnecessary risks and are done purely for vanity purposes. There are some procedures that simply cannot be avoided, and are done for practical reasons. Poor eyesight, for example, is something that many people try to combat with the use of glasses or contact lenses, but often these methods simply aren’t enough to solve an on-going problem that will gradually worsen.

Optimax provide safe procedures which provide solutions to otherwise permanent problems, and can also completely change the appearance of the former glasses wearer.

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