Goat gives birth to quads

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These adorable pictures show the first hours of newborn kids whose mother astonished everyone when she gave birth to FOUR of them.

Harry, Ron, Neville and Hermione – named because within the first day they havealready proved to be “mischievous” – started arriving at just before 11am on Sunday.

Goats usually only give birth to twins, so when mum Jemima delivered three farm manager Anthony Moore was surprised.

But the shocks continued, as the five-year-old Boer goat – who only arrived at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Notts., two weeks ago – still looked “big”.

Anthony, 32, told: “I couldn’t believe it. “We’ve sometimes had triplets and that excites us but Jemima still looked big after the three and it was clear she was still in labour.

“Brett, the stocksman said, ‘I’m sure there’s a fourth one’, and we all had our fingers crossed because its’s never happened here before.

“We were shocked when she delivered another. I’ve never come across quads before, it’s really unusual.

“Obviously we’re all really excited and they’re all doing really well.

“They’re still only hours old but they’re in great nick, jumping around and getting along with each other and really playful.

“We decided to name them after the Harry Potter characters because like them, these kids are small, young and mischievous.”

The white and brown goats – whose father, five-year-old Dave also arrived just weeks ago – will stay together at the visitors farm with their parents.

“Their only job will be to be petted and look cute – and they’re doing a great job of that already,” Anthony said.

He told: “Dave and Jemima arrived a couple of weeks ago from a nearby farm, along with two other female goats.

“We said that Jemima looked bigger than the other two females, who are also pregnant, but we never thought she would be carrying quads.

“She’s in excellent form. She needed no help at all through the labour, it was very good.

“And she’s a great mum already. She’s got them all cleaned up and has been feeding them.

“They’re all in a nice big barn because I’m sure there will be a lot of visitors wanting to see them.

“They’re all very similar in size, and all healthy.

“They’ll have a lovely family group. We’re all glad they’ve all arrived safely.”

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