Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree destroyed: locals offer cash reward


Devastated locals were preparing to stump up a cash reward today to catch those responsible for destroying one of the most sacred sites in Britain.

Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree destroyed - locals offer cash reward

Cruel vandals felled the Holy Thorn Tree, which can trace its roots back 2,000 years to the death of jesus, in Glastonbury, Somerset on Wednesday night (8/12).

The tree is claimed to have sprouted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea, who prepared the burial tomb for jesus after lifting him off the cross.

Stunned members of the community were reduced to tears after branches of the shrub were hacked off and dumped around the base of its trunk.

Now it has emerged they are preparing a fighting fund in a bid to name and shame those responsible.

Locals were also placed on high alert over the other three sacred holy thorn trees in the town – taking it in turns to keep watch over the landmarks.

Glastonbury Town Mayor John Coles, 66, said: ”I have just come up from the town and everybody is asking me about it – they are all very sad.

”I have heard an unconfirmed sighting of a group of people dragging something along the hill at about 10.30pm at night, but we are not yet sure who is responsible.

”I have also had locals telling me they are collecting a cash reward to try and find whoever did this.

Glastonbury Holy Thorn Tree destroyed - locals offer cash reward

”I’m sure more people will come forward with more money to try and name and shame them.

”We hope it will loosen tongues in the area.”

Rev David MacGeoch, from St John’s Church in Glastonbury, said his parishioners were keeping an eye on the two Holy Thorn trees in its yard.

He said: ”We have told everyone to be vigilant. Our trees are quite well protected anyway but we are making sure there are people around to keep an eye on them.

”The police have been patrolling around the grounds.too.”

Experts had verified that the felled tree – known as the Crategus Monogyna Bi Flora – originated from the Middle East.

Christian legend dictates that Jesus’s great uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, came to Britain after the crucifixion 2,000 years ago bearing the Holy Grail – the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper.

He visited Glastonbury and thrust his staff into Wearyall Hill, just below the Tor, planting a seed for the original thorn tree.

Oliver Cromwell’s Roundheads felled the tree during the English Civil War, when Parliament waged a vicious battle against the Crown.

However, locals salvaged the roots of the original tree, hiding it in secret locations around Glastonbury.

It was then replanted on the hill in 1951. Other cuttings were also grown and placed around the town – including its famous Glastonbury Abbey.

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed they were still investigating the axed tree today and had made no arrests.


  1. My suggestion is that we pray for those who did this because, quite frankly, they are in desperate need of prayer. A sad day, indeed.

  2. As a Priestess of Avalon, I would just like to say that we are devastated at this cruel and thoughtless act, and pray for the Holy Thorn to sprout in spring, a sign that the Earth will recover from this attack, and that the Sacred in our lives will continue on, no matter what comes. This site is sacred for us as well. We pray for those who did this, as someone said, they are in need of help and prayer, as they must have a great hole inside of them to have to resort to something like this. Bendition Afallon.

  3. this is the worst vandalism i have read about, this is an act of mindless yobs who are set in destroying things, but to destroy a sacred site is even more appauling, i am so sorry for the loss of your sacred tree in Glastonbury:(, i just hope the other sacred places are safe from these cruel people.

  4. I work as a volunteer in jesmond dene newcastle upon tyne and have a deep love for trees i was sickened and sad that mindless morons could resort to cutting down a sacred tree dating back to christs time, i only hope it springs to life again in the spring and flowers for easter, a truly sad day for Glastonbury and i hope the culprits are caught becasuse it is of no doubt they will have to answer to God one day, i wish the people of Glastonbury well and i hope to visit the tree one day.

    Denny Small

    • wherever they are now…they maybe able had escape from what they had done,but to God they absolutely can not…goodluck to their unbearable punishment…


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