Glass and panoramic views: The modern family home

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There are very strong arguments surrounding this design concept and the main one is… glass and children? Is that a good idea? Obviously there are some health and safety considerations when it comes to this trend and no one is in anyway suggesting that an unsafe environment should be created to simply have the most stylish house according to modern house.

The amount of glass that is included in a home is encouraged and design experts are embracing the idea of natural light and making features from windows regardless of their size but ultimately they are suggesting it be done in a way that is suitable and safe for a family home.

Homes do not have to become ceiling to floor glass but it is suggested that more is made of the windows that are in place and the views that surround the home. Lighting has been a key influence in interior design for the last few years and there is now a strong level of passion surrounding natural light and the way it is utilised in the home to make spaces appear larger and more vibrant.

A home with glass and panoramic views of the garden

A home with glass and panoramic views of the garden

It then leads to the way in which the house is styled and how furnishing homes can work in connection with the natural light to create the idyllic modern setting that serves as a functional family home and an environment that creates the most elaborate and relaxing retreat possible.

Opening up a space with light also correlates with the idea of open plan living, the blending of spaces that allows different environments to serve a united purpose, bringing families together in larger living spaces without the restrictions and divisions that come with having strictly separate rooms.

Open plan living is far more welcoming and is a refreshing change to being faced with multiple different rooms. Practicality is the key to the modern design inspirations and the home needs to constantly maintain a level of functionality and allow the family to use the house to its full advantage and have an area that fulfils the individual needs that come from living within a home.

Some of the most breath taking homes are situated in exotic locations that are over priced and over sized but offer the most spectacular amenities and views that justify such a high price. Design inspirations comes from many of these homes as designers offer a way to recreate a millionaires home in a typical family suburb.

Homes need to be bright and airy and open and inviting whilst incorporating on trend colour schemes, comfortable and practical furniture items that are the epitome of relaxed style and multiple spaces that can easily combine to serve the same overall purpose. The addition of personal style and interpretation is essential to pull together the preferred designs as well as adding individual style which creates the ideal style for the home, the people living within it and the overall functions of the home.

If making natural light a feature within the home is done well it can completely transform a space and recreate the suggestions, which fall under the terms of modern design and modern living.

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