Girlfriend Of Scaffolder Who Had Both Arms & A Leg Amputated Following Electric Shock At Work Speaks Of Devastaion

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Jamie Mines and his girlfriend Harley Ware

Jamie Mines and his girlfriend Harley Ware

The girlfriend of a new dad who will never hold his babies again after having both arms and a leg amputated following an electric shock at work has spoken of her devastation.

Scaffolder Jamie Mines, 33, is fighting for his life after the incident while working on a five-metre high scaffolding rig before Christmas.

He originally had one leg and an arm amputated but his other arm had to be removed after Boxing Day and he has also lost the toes on his remaining leg.

The father to two five-month-old twin girls remains in an induced coma in hospital where his partner Harley Ware is maintaining a constant bedside vigil.

She is devastated that the proud dad, of Swindon, Wilts., will never again get to hold daughters Savannah and Isabella in his arms.

Jamie Mines and his girlfriend Harley Ware.

Jamie Mines and his girlfriend Harley Ware.

“Jamie is a natural father,” she said. “When they were born but he just seemed to know everything already.

“Because we had twins we both had a chance to do the first nappy and the first bath because we’d just swap over babies.

“He absolutely adores his babies, he’d come home from work and play with them straight away, he’d watch football with one on his chest and soothe them until they stopped crying.”

But her world fell apart when Jamie’s mum called her to deliver the bombshell news that he had received a massive electric shock at work in Swindon on December 19.

She said: “My heart sunk, I couldn’t stop crying all week, each time something else had happened, it just kept getting worse.

“It seemed every time I’d get a phone call was to tell me that he’d have another limb removed.”

Jamie, a semi-professional footballer, is currently in a critical but stable condition at a hospital in Bristol.

 Jamie Mines' newborn twins Savannah and Isabella

Jamie Mines’ newborn twins Savannah and Isabella

To try and make sure he doesn’t miss out on the girls growing up, Harley writes him letters everyday.

She said: “I know he won’t be reading them but it helps knowing I can sort of contact him.

“I’m so used to texting him all day and my life is empty without that.

“I’ll tell him about the twins, about him and how crazy life has gotten – anything and everything.

“I feel so bad that he’s missing so much of their lives.

“They’re growing really quickly and now can both roll over. He’d be so proud if only he could see them now.”

Jamie Mines with his newborn twins Savannah and Isabella

Jamie Mines with his newborn twins Savannah and Isabella

On Christmas Day Harley took hundreds of photos so she could show Jamie the twins unwrapping their presents.

When she visits him in hospital, she speaks to him but doesn’t know if he can hear her.

Harley has taken the twins to see him once but he was asleep. They just looked at him through the glass.

Friends and family have raised over £40,000 through a Go Fund Me page to help raise vital funds aimed at supporting his recovery.

The previous target of £20,000 was smashed in less than 24 hours, but since his condition worsened, the target was increased to £100,000.

Jamie Mines' newborn twins Savannah and Isabella.

Jamie Mines’ newborn twins Savannah and Isabella.

Harley said: “It’s comforting to see so many people that care, even strangers. People have heard the news and want to help in any way they can.”

Frome Town Football club are holding a fundraising event for Jamie on Sunday March 19 and hope that Swindon Town FC captain Nathan Thomson will support the event.

The Health and Safety Executive is currently investigating the incident.

To donate, visit

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