Gifts for teachers: Back to school baskets they’ll really appreciate

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A growing trend for when the kids head back to school is for them to take along a little gift for their teacher to kick start the year together and introduce themselves.

It doesn’t have to cost much, but helps with a smooth and fun introduction between child and teacher.

Sites such as offer a wide range of ideas for sweet gift baskets your child can present their teacher with. Go for a coffee inspired basket, featuring a Starbucks gift card and smart looking mug to help the new teacher get through the long school day and marking afterwards.

Back to school gifts to teachers can really help create good relations with pupils

Back to school gifts to teachers can really help create good relations with pupils (Picture source: Flickr / Personal Creations 

If they’re more into a cuppa as the British would say, then fill a basket with different kinds of tea for them to try out – think fruit tea, cleansing tea, earl grey, chai tea etc. Make sure you add a label complete with cringe worthy pun – I’m glad you’re myTEAcher. Get it?

This Buzzfeed post actually has loads of great pun-related gifts that you can get creative with – plus your child will look like a tiny genius.

As the kids go back to school and the cooler Fall weather starts to roll in, send your child back to school with a gift that a teacher will really appreciate. Cold and flu illnesses start to spread in the oncoming cold period, so a gift basket featuring hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, Kleenex tissues and hot chocolate should keep them going in the run up to Christmas break.

Hand cream and body lotion will also be greatly appreciated. For those chilly days where the teacher is out on playground supervision a cosy matching scarf and glove set, bundled into a sweet gift basket, with a brightly coloured Thermos flask, should be happily received.

If you’re the creative type you could knit the scarf yourself, or help your child embroider the teacher’s name on the ends of a shop bought design.

Mason jars have grown in popularity as retro and chic ways to enjoy your favourite beverages. Get crafty and cut a hole in the lid for a straw to poke through, for easy drinking. You could also create a simple hand sanitizer dispenser, which can sit looking pretty on the teacher’s desk; simply create a hole and take a tube and push down dispenser from an old soap bottle to push through.

Create one for every day of the week with the days written on the side so they don’t lose track and present them in a gift basket.

A nice colourful plant to sit on the teacher’s desk will always be well received, just pick one up from your local supermarket and decorate the pot by sticking pencils or coloured crayons all around the side to reflect the teaching environment. You can find a great how-to guide here.

Don’t forget the male teachers. Some home baked apple or pencil shaped cookies will always go down well, as they enjoy a sweet treat with their coffee or you could opt for a little jar of brightly coloured sweets such as M&Ms or Skittles for them to keep in their top drawer and nibble on throughout the day.

Make sure you create a label with the words Teacher Treats, to stick on the top, just so everyone knows not to touch!

Finally, you could go classic with a shiny red apple and a little note with a To: and From: message from your child, get them to sign it themselves for a more personal touch. Or even get creative with different fruits a homemade label reading; ‘Orange you glad I’m in your class’ should get a giggle, along with a gift wrapped piece of fruit.

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