Ghostly face spotted in cloud formation

October 1, 2010 | by | 15 Comments

A rambler was on cloud nine today after she gazed at the sunset and spotted this ghostly face.

Stunned Nola Hersey, 44, had been out walking when she saw the spooky visage in the sky.

Nola, a finance manager, saw the strange cloud formation at around 7pm on Thursday.

She said: “We had been out for a walk and it was a lovely sunset so I stopped to take a few pictures.

“Then I noticed a girl’s face very clearly in the cloud. It was amazing, you could her face and hair very well.

“It almost looked like she was wearing one of those Victorian wigs, it was quite spooky.

“If you look closely you can also see a hair band around her head. I showed the pictures to my friends and they couldn’t believe it.”

Last night a couple were amazed when they took this photograph of a waterfall – and captured a chilling apparition of an evil horseman from the Lord of the Rings.

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  1. Scott says:

    I am pretty sure that is Iron Man…

  2. Writergrrl11 says:

    That’s not a girl’s face. That’s VOLDEMORT!!!

  3. Capt. Dangledoo says:

    Oh it’s gotta be Jebus or the Virgin Mary! Hurry someone get the pope on the line!!!

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    Looks like Osama bin Laden to me. Note the turban at the top.

  5. Bahb says:

    Huh, the same couple who took the picture of the clouds also took the picture of the waterfall figure (which looks more like Darth Vader to me anyway). Someone has been having a lot of fun with photo editing software……

  6. Fatty Mcbutterpants says:

    Looks like a giant Geisha.

  7. Julie Wetcroth says:


  8. cj says:

    IT is a cloud; nothing more. And, I can make angels in the snow.

  9. Jebba says:

    These photos aren’t edited…they are 100% real…..they’re just people with over-active, child-like imaginations with far too much time on their hands. The infantile way in which so many people live their lives and use their brains is beyond reason. Darwin had it all backwards.

  10. MyCraftsR4U says:

    Big Brothers watching you! (-.-) tee hee

  11. Anonymous says:

    People see the silliest things in clouds………I quit with the “That cloud looks like”, when I was about ten years old. Guess some people just never grow up. Helloooooo Peter Pan>

    • Gerard_haughey says:

      well if you’ve given up on dreams I guess you don’t believe in love either.. hellooo isn’t love for children and their mommy’s? you big baby.. you haven’t given love up yet? lol haha.. ur busted u big love bug.

  12. Gerard_haughey says:

    These have to be signs.. I mean that’s just way too beautiful to be just coincidental.. Amazingly beautiful image. Not spooky or ghostly to me.. but more heavenly, to be honest!

  13. Deez Nutz says:

    Looks exactly like the face on Mars.

  14. Rayna1111 says:

    Looks exactly to me like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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