Ghost-bus-ters: mystery of disappearing coach passengers

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A coach driver today told of his bid to drive away evil spirits after two ghostly passengers boarded his bus – then VANISHED.

Ghost-bus-ters: mystery of disappearing coach passengers

Spooked Vince Adams, 42, issued a ticket for an elderly lady and a young man, before watching as they took their seats at the rear of his First bus in Barnstaple, Devon.

But he was stunned when he arrived at his destination around 15 minutes later, having not stopped, and turned around to find the pair had disappeared.

Vince, who regularly drives the number two service, is at a loss as to explain what happened to the mystery passengers and says his bus must be HAUNTED.

He was left even more spooked when he looked at his ticket machine and noticed that the elderly woman – who had been carrying flowers – had failed to take her ticket.

Vince, who has been driving buses in the area for 11 years, said he left the bus station with one passenger and picked up the two ‘ghosts’ at a shopping centre.

He said: ”There was an elderly lady and a young man in a dark leather jacket carrying red and white carnations.

”I asked the lady if she was going to the hospital. She just smiled, so I issued her a concessionary ticket. The young man did have a ticket but remained silent.”

Vince then stopped his bus at the hospital where the original passenger alighted – meaning the odd pair had disappeared without leaving the vehicle.

He added: ”I was very shaken up but then returned to the bus to find the concessionary ticket I had printed for the elderly lady was still in the machine.

”I have discussed it with my colleagues and wife to try and work out what happened but of course people laugh it off.”

Vince, from nearby Combe Martin, was so concerned by the missing passengers that he went into the hospital to see if he could find them.

He also asked passers-by if they had noticed who left the bus.

But all witnesses said they saw one person leave the vehicle and Vince said the bus did not stop to pick up any other passengers en-route to the hospital.

Barnstaple bus drivers have experienced other instances of a strange presence, such as smelling cigar smoke on an empty bus and the stop bell ringing on a bus out of service.
All remain unexplained.


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  1. JILLY says:

    Now this is interesting,it can happen as many years I met a young woman on a moorland road,on the pennines!
    As I was driving in very bad weather,I stopped to give her a lift, And she was carrying a suitcase I got out to open the boot to put said suitcase in for her, looked round the car and she was nowhere in sight! She was gone in a split second,I have seen many strange and odd things in my time ghosts other than this one included!

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