Could the Gareth Bale transfer actually HARM Real Madrid’s season?

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He’s officially the world’s most expensive player. When Perez, the President of Real Madrid, happily paraded Bale in front of Real’s keen fans at the very end of the transfer window, the footballing world was put out of its collective misery.

The transfer saga had rumbled on for months and, although it seemed likely, it wasn’t certain until Bale was flashing his movie star smile at the cameras in Spain.

But what does this actually mean for Real Madrid? And why were they willing to pay an astonishing £85 million for the young Welsh player?

Gareth Bale has made his £86million record transfer to Real Madrid, but could the deal actually harm the Spanish side's season?

Gareth Bale has made his £86million record transfer to Real Madrid, but could the deal actually harm the Spanish side’s season?

There is definitely a school of thought that Bale is likely to upset the squad, which could potentially disrupt Real’s season. After all, his favoured position is very much covered by the previous star of the team, Cristiano Ronaldo. They’ll have to find a way of working together, while both trying to shine. Not easy, particularly for players who are so lauded and applauded.

All of this is likely to affect the odds on Real Madrid’s season. On paper they’re a team of superstars but they have to mesh well and work together to make it work. Keep an eye on all the odds and find out how Bale is affecting them at

Some have been vocal in their views that the move is more commercial than sporting – with Real sporting director Arrigo Sacchi linking the buying of a British player to Real’s sponsors. Half of Bale’s image rights will go to Real and the club will definitely be looking to cash in on his celebrity through advertising and sponsorship. After all, Real is at the top of Forbes football rich list and it’s likely that they’re hoping Bale will help them stay there.

Bale is well known already in Spain for his play and will make a huge impact on the team and the supporters at Real and will help them keep as relevant as Barcelona in football fans’ minds – an ongoing necessity for Real. Those who wonder whether signing Bale when he likes to play the same position as Ronaldo is very wise could look to Beckham’s signing back in 2003 to a team that already had Figo.

It will be worth following Real’s progress even if their not your team, just for the likely drama of the pairing – will they be able to play harmoniously or will there be ruffled feathers and the kind of rivalry that inhibits good play rather than encourages it.

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