Friends Spend Hours Covering Birthday Girl’s WHOLE Bedroom in Wrapping Paper

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Robyn Wallis, 22

Robyn Wallis, 22

Two friends spent eight hours and over 30 rolls of paper wrapping up a birthday girl’s entire bedroom – covering everything except the fish tank.

Robyn Wallis celebrated her 22nd birthday by coming home from work to find her bedroom completely covered in £15 worth of red Christmas paper.

Friends Tom Greenaway, 21, and Chris Gould, 21, decided to pull the stunt as they wanted to give Robyn something she would really want – her own stuff back.

The lads had wrapped up Robyn’s bed, pillows, candles, plants and even individual lipsticks she had left out on the side.

The surprise was captured on film as Robyn can be see entering the room and switching the lights on.

Robyn Wallis's room in Canvey Island, Essex

Robyn Wallis’s room in Canvey Island, Essex

Robyn, from Canvey Island, Essex said: “Everything I owned was covered in this Christmas wrapping paper but I just didn’t know what to say as I was so shocked.

“It took me a few minutes to process what was actually going on but it was nice that they had gone to such efforts to make me laugh.

“I think the boys were a bit worried that I wouldn’t be happy about it because I just had my room decorated but it was hilarious.

“They both wanted to get me something that I would be happy to unwrap and that I wanted so they thought why not wrap up everything I already have.”

Freelance broadcast journalist Robyn said the paper had also been fastened in place with sellotape and it took her nearly two days to fully unwrap it all.

The two friends had been let into the house on Wednesday (2/11) morning by Robyn’s brother Jamie, 25, while she was at work.

They then spent eight hours using the red paper covered in Christmas themed teddy bears and waited for Robyn’s return.

Chris, of Canvey Island, Essex, said they had even wrapped up Robyn’s two guitars and would have continued with the curtains but she turned up from work.

He added: “It took us so long to do because everything was all different shapes and it was fiddly.

“We were happy with how it turned out but about half way through me and Tom worried whether we were doing the right thing.

“But then we carried onand every five minutes we would look at each other and laugh.”

Robyn Wallis with Tom Greenaway, 21 (middle) and Chris Gould, 21.

Robyn Wallis with Tom Greenaway, 21 (middle) and Chris Gould, 21.

Tom said there wasn’t any plan when the males got into the room, they just started with the pillows and made their way from there.

He added: “When we got into the room we just looked at each other and thought, this is actually going to take ages.

“So we just started with the simple things and then moved onto wrapping up pens and lipsticks.”

Robyn had only started decorating her room the week before and her mum Sharon had put new paper on the walls the day before the lads invaded the room.roomThe birthday girl said: “It was quite difficult to unwrap it all. I was supposed to be going out for dinner with my dad that night so I didn’t really have time to clear any of it.

“I just managed to unwrap my my bed, which I have never had to do before, and then I spent half an hour doing it the next day before work too.

“Then I finished the rest when I came home from work as I am getting my carpet done on Monday so I had to unwrap everything before I could even start emptying my room.

“I had sent the pictures to my mum and she said ‘I hope they didn’t ruin my paper’ but they didn’t cause any damage at all.

“The boys did get me some books as well so it wasn’t my only birthday present.”

Dad Steve, 49, can also be seen laughing his head off in the background of the video.

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