Best friends give birth on the same DAY and the same HOSPITAL

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Two best friends have defied odds of 250,000-1 after they both gave birth to baby boys on the same day, at the same hospital – just a couple of hours apart.

Inseparable Kelly Seymour and Victoria Bolger, both 31, have known each other since they were three years old and grew up together “like sisters”.

They attended nursery together before going on to the same primary, junior and secondary school and even studied the same college course.

Kelly Seymour and Victoria Bolger with the children that they gave birth to on the same day at the same hospital

Kelly Seymour and Victoria Bolger with the children that they gave birth to on the same day at the same hospital

But pair were stunned when they both fell pregnant within a couple of months of each other after 28 years of friendship.

And they never expected their babies to be born almost side-by-side when they almost simultaneously went into labour last Monday.

The pals ended up on the same maternity ward at Nottingham City Hospital and within 2 hours and 13 minutes were celebrating the births of two bouncing baby boys.

Victoria’s baby George was born two days early at 12.41pm, weighing 8lbs 5oz.

Kelly followed with her late operation going to plan and baby Charlie arrived at 2.54pm, four days early weighing 7lbs 7oz.

The proud pair are now both back at their homes in Bakersfield, Notts., and said they hope their sons will grow up to have a similar friendship to theirs.

Yesterday (Wed) delighted Kelly, who has been with boyfriend Karl Homes, 25, for two years, said: “Throughout our lives we have grown up together and shared every milestone – it was only fitting that this happened.

“We started to wonder if it would happen but we never really thought it actually would.

“It’s quite fitting that we got to share one of the most magical moments of our lives together.

“Her family is like my family – we are inseparable and she is like my sister.”

Boots worker Victoria added: “We never thought it would actually happen on the same day – although we did have a joke about it, saying how funny it would be.

“She was just a short walk away on the ward and pretty much next door to me – we went and introduced the babies to each other the following day.

“We are very close – like sisters and went to nursery, school and college together.

“I just hope our children will have the same relationship because that would be really nice.”

Kelly, who works as an invoice administrator, was scheduled to go into theatre to have a cesarean section on the day – but was told it was going to be put back.

At the time she had no idea the delay was because her best friend was jumping the queue and stealing her slot.

Victoria added: “I ended up going in for an emergency delivery instead.

“Her partner and my partner were texting each other, saying wouldn’t it be funny if I ended up taking Kelly’s slot, and that’s exactly what happened.

“But she was OK about it, because it was me.

“It was lovely being able to see her in hospital and have pictures taken together.

“It was quite an incredible experience.”

Charlie is Kelly’s first baby and George is Victoria’s second with partner Mark Stewart, 25, and is now baby brother to Zach, two.

Yesterday bookmaker Ladbrokes said the pair had defied odds of 250,000-1.

Spokesman David Williams said: “It really is quite an incredible story. The stars must have been aligned in the right place on that day.”

Proud dad Karl, a recruitment administrator, added: “After hearing those odds I’m gutted I didn’t put a tenner on it.”

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