Friends film themselves eating the world’s unhealthiest foods

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Epic Meal Time, a series of videos following friends eating the world’s most fattening foods – such as a 5,200 calorie pizza topped with burgers and chips – is the latest You Tube sensation.

Pals Harley Morenstein, Alex Perrault and Sterling Toth have also made the world’s greasiest sandwich, a 5,434 calorie monster packing in 207g of fat.

The Canadian trio have also assembled a 5,800 calorie meatloaf made of beef, hotdogs, bacon and cheese which is then deep fried and contains an astonishing 747g of fat.

Their videos have received over one million views in a month through their ‘Epic Meal Time’ YouTube channel.

Harley said: ”The truth is in this day and age there is a lot of emphasis on health and diet and we are the ones that choose to rebel.

”I believe these people that say ‘it’s disgusting’ deep down inside are eating vicariously through us.

”That’s what we do, we eat so you don’t have to. We do this for fun and the love of entertaining and food.

”I expected to get a whole bunch of attention from the videos but I didn’t expect 10,000 subscribers or 1 million total views in a month.”

”So far our Greasiest Sandwich Ever has got the most attention. I believe it’s because it’s got a theme to it and the poutine is a very obscure menu item from Quebec that Canadians are almost proud of.”

Their high-calorie crusade began in July when they set about making the ”a pizza more disgusting than we ever thought possible” containing $80 (USD) of ingredients.

They took a large cheese and tomato pizza and topped it with a portion of Wendy’s french fries, an A&W Teen Burger, McDonald’s chicken nuggets, a McDonald’s Big Mac, KFC popcorn chicken, Wendy’s Baconator burger, a Taco Bell Crunch Wrap Supreme and some A&W onion rings.

It was then smothered in grated cheese and baked in the oven before the pals filmed themselves eating the belt-busting meal, which contains 5,210 calories and 286g of fat.

The teenagers then created a super-calorie meat log made of 18 slices of bacon, 1kg of ground beef, three large hot dogs, mayonnaise made from the bacon grease, cheddar cheese and deep fried cornmeal batter.

Their most popular video is of the world’s greasiest sandwich, made of nine slices of bacon, three steamed hot dogs, one and a half large poutines (chips covered in cheese and gravy), a large french baguette, 12 eggs and pure maple syrup.

Harley, of Montreal, added: ”The greasiest sandwich ever got us media attention across all of Canada.

”Now a lot of our hits come from our subscribers and friends sharing our crazy concoctions on Facebook as well being blogged. This leads YouTube to feature it because of it’s popularity.

”The worst meal, in my opinion, is hard to imagine because in this position we have to consider all food and all food combinations. But we put maple syrup on gravy for one.”

The trio release a new Epic Meal every Tuesday and are planning more features for weekly and bi-weekly releases.

Harley said: ”We don’t hate the healthy foods. If we get our hands on an idea of using cottage cheese creatively, we’ll gladly do it.

”We don’t discriminate against any food. We also eat all the food we make. We waste nothing.

”Although we eat a lot, the last video for example for the massive meat log was not entirely finished by the onscreen talent.

”But we always have a team of people over just dying for some left overs.”

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