Friendly fox : Man shares remarkable pictures of his pet cat soaking up the sun with new best friend – a wild FOX

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A man is trying to convince people that not all foxes are baddies – and has shared his photos showing how one little vixen made friends with his cat.

(Peter Dyland/SWNS Group)

(Peter Dyland/SWNS Group)

Peter Dyland said foxes are “not all cracked up” and that his pet cat was perfectly safe in the company of the visitor to their garden.

The vixen visited his garden on a regular basis, and ended up becoming firm friends with Peter’s cat, he claims.

The animal-lover from Swanley, Kent said: “The fox would jump the wall into our garden and just sit and enjoy the sun in what she deemed a safe place.

“As you can see in the photos, her and my cat would check one another out and just settle down and snooze.

“She would on occasion be joined by one of her cubs and peace would still reign.”

(Peter Dyland/SWNS Group)

(Peter Dyland/SWNS Group)

Peter said he wants to make the point that foxes are unfairly given labels of mischief and mayhem.

Unfortunately Peter’s visitor is no more – but he hopes that others will continue to remember we share the planet with animals.

He said: “Sadly the vixen and her cubs never turned up one day and that was the end of that.

“I expect someone shot or poisoned them because for the pair to disappear would hardly come down to roadkill.”

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