French drinks firm launches world’s first red wine flavoured with COLA

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A French wine company is hoping to storm UK supermarkets by selling this new drink - the world's first Coca-Cola-flavoured wine

A French wine company is hoping to storm UK supermarkets by selling this new drink – the world’s first Coca-Cola-flavoured wine

A French drinks firm has horrified wine snobs by launching the world’s first bottle of red – flavoured with COLA.

Rouge Sucette – which means red lollipop in French – is made from 75 per cent grapes with the remainder from water, sugar and flavouring.

It is designed to be served chilled and appeal to the younger ‘Coke generation’ as they make the transition to drinking wine.

The 9 per cent ABV blend is part of a new range by Aquitaine-based firm Haussmann Famille, which includes Passion Fruit and Grape Fruit blends.

It went on sale this week in France for $2.95 a bottle and Sainsbury’s is already said to be ‘taste testing’ the product.

Pauline Lacombe, Marketing Director of Haussmann Famille, said: “The result is surprising; the balance between the bitterness of the wine and the sweetness of the cola is perfect.

“We did a lot of research to elaborate the best recipe and the best mix between wine, water and the aroma.

“The packaging is fun, with a label in the shape of lollipop. This kind of product is more dedicated to young adults, and women.

“We have worked closely with a lab in Bordeaux, specialized in aroma.”

The French are developing a thirst for flavoured wines with 30 million bottles being sold this year, up 50 per cent on 2012.

Cola wine could also be a big hit in Britain, as results show sugar consumption has increased by 31 per cent since 1990, with the average person consuming 700g of sugar a week.

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