Four top alternative activities in London

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London may well be our country’s capital, but that isn’t to say we all know everything there is to know about the place.

In fact, so many Brits haven’t even been – shocking, we know. But whether you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to the city, or a first timer, there’s a hidden London that many people are unlikely to ever see. We’re here to help you uncover the truth (at least part of it!), bit by bit.

So, what is there to do that you probably never thought of before? Read on to find out…

Go on a tour

Whether you want to go on an open top bus around the city (perhaps sit indoors over winter…) or you fancy something entirely more specialist, there are an abundance of tours that you can take throughout London. Perhaps one of the best you can go on is the Jack The Ripper Tour.

The former Great Scotland building in Whitehall, the area of London where Jack the Ripper killed his victims

The former Great Scotland building in Whitehall, the area of London where Jack the Ripper killed his victims

From the confines of the now (relatively) safe East End, you’ll be whisked around to darker times which really helped shape the fame and history of the city.

See a magician

This one isn’t for kids, trust us. They’ll enjoy it too, by all means, but don’t for a SECOND think that a magician is simply child’s play. Push all notions of the awkward ones you might have seen as a child out of the window, and instead picture this generation’s crop of talent.

Styled on the class of Dynamo – but with an abundance of charm – London’s Oliver B can be found at the elegant W Hotel Wyld Bar each Tuesday evening. You don’t want to miss out.

Visit an ‘alternative’ club

London’s nightlife is almost second to none, but if you’re up for something a little different from standard, overpriced super clubs, then it’s time to check out something a little ‘Alternative’.

If you like a healthy dose of rock as opposed to whatever’s in the charts (but that, too!) then why not head somewhere like Uprawr, where literally anything goes? Don’t worry, there’s nothing scary about it, and everyone’s really keen to party.

Solve a mystery

No matter whether you’re a tourist group, family or a workplace, nothing says teamwork and bonding like logical tasks with added fun! Hint Hunt is a brilliant example – it’ll test your wits, determination and mind in order to let you escape from a room within a one hour time limit with the help of some clues. If you fail? Well, you’re trapped there forever! We’re kidding, but there are worse places to be stuck than central London!

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