Football fan wrote 420 page diary from the 2014 World Cup on his SMARTPHONE

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A football fan who travelled to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup wrote a 170,000 word diary – on his SMARTPHONE.

England fanatic John Ellis made the last minute journey to South America without even buying tickets to a single game.

But John haggled for tickets and recorded every moment of his trip painstakingly typing into his phone.

The diaries have now been published as a 420 page paperback including 200 of the staggering 3,000 pictures that the football nut captured with his camera.

John said: ‘ A week before the opening match, I had absolutely nothing booked. During that manic week, my mind went back to the wonderful Italia’90 book by Pete Davies which, along with being in writing mode, inspired me to think of writing my own book.

‘ As soon as I made the decision to write the book in that week, I took it seriously which is hopefully evidenced by the detail I captured in that crazy week.

‘My index finger is worn out! The only time it had a respite was when I had a beer or caipirinha in my left hand when my right thumb took over the writing duties… Those reading my book might come to the conclusion that my thumb will be more worn out than my index finger.’

‘The people I met made it an absolute must and not only because their stories had to be told but also because I made a commitment to them that I would complete it.

My once in a lifetime experience was a once in a lifetime experience because of the fans. They didn’t just help, they made it happen from match tickets, places to stay, visiting places as well as contributing towards the book. Even after returning back to the UK, they have been writing to me offering contributions towards the book, photo shoots and encouraging me to finish the book. In short they are the book. I am just the person who had the idea to pull it altogether.’

The book is published by MyVoice and costs £14.99.

MyVoice spokesman Rex Sumner said: ‘Has anyone written 170,000 words on his phone before, and turned that into a book? We believe this is a first.

‘We have not seen a book, a paperback, of this thickness and size produced in this manner before – indeed, the technology hasn’t been around very long.

‘As for the content and readability, well it is just fascinating. John doesn’t just describe the football. No,  this book is about the fans, for the fans and makes wonderful reading, a non-stop emotional rollercoaster as he meets fans from all over the world and immediately joins them to find out what they think and record their words for the book.

‘Already in a few weeks it has notched up 35 five star reviews on Amazon, more on GoodReads, and tellingly they are not just from fans. Wives are buying the book as a present and finding they love it as well, for it is more a holiday story than a football fiesta.’


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