How to use a flyer effectively to promote a business

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Flyers have always been, and still are a very effective way of marketing your product or service. Although we do everything online nowadays, there’s nothing quite as instant and direct as giving flyers to people directly, and having the opportunity to sell yourself and get someone’s interest.

There is a sense of urgency that can be gained by using flyers as vouchers or special offers for one of your products for a ‘limited time only’.

You need to choose your target market and recognise where you need to distribute your flyers according to that target market. If you are selling to businesses, you can focus your flyering on industrial estates, town centres and shops.  If you are selling to consumers you can focus on going door to door and distributing through letterboxes.

Flyers still remain one of the most effective ways to market a business

Flyers still remain one of the most effective ways to market a business

You should always keep a record of what you are doing and where, and what kind of a response you got. Flyers are most effective when you deliver them on their own, putting them inside newspapers or with other flyers will never be as effective because then the customer is inundated with information.

You can save money by distributing them yourself, otherwise there are companies that specialise in flyer distribution. They are very easy to create by using online companies like Instant Print, and Instant Print Flyers can be dispatched to you within 24 hours.

Often people think that distributing flyers is a waste of money, but this might be because of the simple fact that they aren’t targeting their market effectively.

They may not be handing out their leaflets in the areas that their particular potential clients will be. They may not even have considered things like the gender, age range, and lifestyle choices of the people that their products and services are going to specifically appeal to, which is crucial.

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