Five reasons to use a professional document management company

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When it comes to protecting your business, document management is something to carefully consider. Ensuring those important documents are under secure lock and key, but also accessible 24/7, will boost your status as a company that can be trusted by its clients and offers complete peace of mind.

While many people argue that paperless offices are the only way businesses should be operating, for many of us existing paperwork is still a necessary evil and requires secure storage. Many businesses have a filing cabinet filled with paperwork that must be held for a certain period of time before it needs destroying but have run out of time and space to maintain and store it onsite.

Instead of keeping these documents in the office, consider using a professional document management company to help you achieve complete security with ease.

A professional document management company will keep businesses better organised

A professional document management company will keep businesses better organised

Here are five reasons why you should be signing up with a service provider near you:

1. Complete security

Most professional document management companies will take your documents and  keep them in a secure unit featuring on site security and fire protection.

2. Enhanced office efficiency

With someone else managing your documents you can focus on the more important things, such as running your business, with complete confidence information is under lock and key off site.

3. Access to documents 24/7

Many professional document management companies offer a document scanning service which then uploads your paperwork to a secure online interface you can access at any time of day when you need to refer to a document.

The benefits of online document storage are numerous. Not only does it provide a useful back up of any paper copies of a document it also allows you to quickly and easily check documents anywhere at any time of day, without the need to visit the storage unit and rifle through files.

4. Destruction of documents

Sensitive information has a sell by date and most professional document management companies offer a shredding service. Look for a company that will send you an ISO 9001 Accredited Certificate of Destruction; you can produce as evidence information has been destroyed.

5. Don’t forget your data

All those tapes, drives and discs that hold sensitive information also need to be securely stored. A company such as Kelly’s Data Storage can offer the same type of surety that comes with a document management service, but for your data.

As well as these five good reasons for using a professional document management company, you will also always have someone on hand to answer any queries regarding storage and security. Many companies offer retrieval and collection services for your documents too, so all the hard work transporting those boxes full of files is done for you!


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