First picture of chemical suicide pact woman Joanne Lee

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This is the first picture of tragic Joanne Lee – who died in a chemical gas suicide pact with a stranger she met online.

The 34-year-old, along with Steve Lumb, 35, were found dead in a car in Braintree, Essex on Monday with chemical warning signs posted on the vehicle.

Joanne’s MP today called on the Government to campaign against DIY suicide websites.

Brooks Newmark, Conservative MP for Braintree, Essex, said: ”We need to do far more to deal with these suicide websites which unfortunately lead to tragedies like this.

”It’s not a question of more regulation but of better regulation and also figuring out how we can close down websites such as these.

”Suicide pacts such as these are a trend that has come over from America on the internet – it’s a viral communication in a very negative sense.

”Having internet sites out there explaining how to commit suicide with over the counter chemicals is wrong.

”We as a Government need to think of mechanisms within the European Union to try to close them down. It’s difficult to control the internet but we need to try.”

At 10.58pm on Tuesday a friend of Joanne’s posted a haunting message from her on a suicide website forum.

”Billspills” wrote: ”I was asked by Joanne to let everyone know if I was to hear of an H2S in Braintree, UK.

”She said to thank everyone for their help during her time here and that she had finally found peace.

”I will miss you dearly Joanne although I know it is what you wanted.”

Neighbours of Joanne Lee today described her as a ”recluse” who was so devoted to her pet cats that she did not include them in her suicide pact.

Joanne’s cats, Midnight and Magic, who are white and tortoiseshell, are now being fed by worried neighbours at her home in Great Notley, Essex.

One neighbour said: ”She lived in her dressing gown most days and I hardly ever saw her outside. We only knew she was about because of her two cats.

”She was a recluse and rarely had any visitors.

”I believe she was anorexic at one stage of her life and clearly had mental problems but she was never any trouble.

”I think a guy came round every now and again on a bike to deliver food but I rarely saw any friends and family.

”She clearly loved her two cats it seems like she didn’t want to take them with her.

”She lived in the top floor maisonette so the cats are outside most of the time.

”I’m feeding them now because I don’t know who is looking after them. I’ve put food on the wall and they seem happy.

”I’m gobsmacked what has happened.”

Joanne’s mother Jill Chappell, 64, paid tribute to her daughter from her home in Great Notley, near Braintree, Essex where she lives with husband, Brian Chappell, 66.

She said: ”She was a lovely sister and a lovely daughter and well loved. She was a very caring person.

”We have no idea what happened. Police have taken away her computer but we have no idea what websites she was using or that she was on any kind of websites.

”Maybe if we spent a couple of hours on the internet we could find out but we just don’t know what happened.

”Police won’t tell us anything. There are no nice photos of her. She didn’t like having her photo taken.”

She added that the family made an emotional visit to Braintree Enterprise Centre, where Joanne died, to lay some flowers at the scene on Tuesday.

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