First Glastonbury Festival DJ to return for 40th anniversary

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The DJ who opened the very first Glastonbury Festival in 1970 has been invited back to play a set for its 40th anniversary this summer.

Mike Ringham, 63, was the MC and DJ at the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset in September 1970.

Known at the time as DJ Mad Mick, the 23-year-old spun the first vinyl record of the festival’s history – the 1964 version of ‘It’s all over now’ by The Valentinos.

Just 1,500 people attended the original event, which lasted for just one day and finished ”well before midnight”.

Current festival organiser Emily Eavis personally invited Mike back to Glastonbury this year, where he will play an hour-long set of the same songs he spun at the 1970 event.

The father-of-two, who has spent the past 40 years running an estate agency in Bath,  said: ”I’m really thrilled about it, really enthusiastic.

”I’m going to play the exact same records I played 40 years ago.  I’ve still got all the vinyls.

”I can’t believe it was 40 years ago. It was only one day and by 12 o’clock everybody was home in bed.

”It was just a gig in a field.  I played a few records and introduced the bands and made some announcements in between.

”I hate festivals because they’re too big and I prefer quite an intimate crowd – and the loos, oh god…”

”So I’ve never been back to Glastonbury, but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m quite chuffed.”

At the festival later this month Mike’s set will include  ‘Minisym Allegro’ by Moondog, ‘Guns of Naverone’ by the Skatalites, ‘Pretty Miss Lulu’ by Derek Morgan, and, of course, ‘It’s All Over Now’ by the Valentinos.

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