Film-goer suffers seizure during ‘127 Hours’ self-amputation scene

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A cinema has put up warning signs after a film-goer suffered a seizure while watching the gory amputation scene in movie 127 Hours – and had to be rushed to hospital.

Film-goer suffers seizure during '127 Hours' self-amputation scene

The film, based on the true story of mountaineer Aron Ralston who cut his own arm off after it was trapped under a boulder, repulsed viewers at Cinema City, in Norwich.

During the 15 certificate film’s infamous gory amputation scene one man suffered a seizure while another woman fainted – causing the showing to be cancelled.

A doctor in the audience treated both viewers and an ambulance was called to the cinema before the unnamed man was taken to hospital for treatment.

Cinema-goer Jim Rice, 37, said the man and woman fell sick as the mountaineer tried to cut his arm off with a blunt penknife.

He said: ”We heard someone on the front row trying to rouse the person next to them.

”We saw their head go to one side and at that point people in the cinema realised something had happened.

”Someone called out ‘Is there a doctor in the house?’ which you never expect to hear. And astonishingly, two rows behind us, a guy stood up and said ‘Yes I’m a doctor’.

”He put the lady into the recovery position on the floor and monitored her and called for someone to go outside and call an ambulance which they did.

”At that time it became apparent that someone else had also fainted. They sat quite close to us and had become unresponsive and their partner was quite distressed by that.”

Cinema bosses have now put up signs warning viewers about the gruesome amputation scene in the Danny Boyle directed film.

A spokesman for Cinema City said the showing was cancelled after two people were taken sick on Saturday and everyone was offered a refund.

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