They’re hard as metal! Iconic film characters sculptured from body parts off scrap CARS

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These iconic film characters have been immortalised in metal – after being sculpted from scrap cars.

The imposing movie bad boys include Captain Jack Sparrow, Terminator, Predator, Robocop and Alien.

Each one is welded together from the body parts of BMWs, Mercs, Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas and Isuzus.

Captain Jack Sparrow made from old car parts

Captain Jack Sparrow made from old car parts

An imposing Robocop

An imposing Robocop

A Metal Skull Rider on a motorbike made at Kreatworks in Bangkok

A Metal Skull Rider on a motorbike made at Kreatworks in Bangkok

Metalsmiths spent two months making the 8ft tall pieces at the Kreatworks workshop in Bangkok, Thailand, before selling them for up to £5,000.

Krittayakorn Chaijit, who works with pals on the sculptures, said making Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp was the most fun.

He said: “Jack Sparrow is a great character to make. He is such a scruffy yet charismatic character with so many accessories.

“We thought making a metal sculpture of him would be an interesting break from Alien and Predator projects we do.

“Our artist created his face by hammering and welding metal sheets.

Predator made from recycled body parts

Predator made from recycled body parts

A recycled metal BumbleBee from Transformers

A recycled metal BumbleBee from Transformers

Metalsmiths work on one of the projects, which sell for up to £5,000

Metalsmiths work on one of the projects, which sell for up to £5,000

“Each hair lock and beard were made from individual metal slings and wires.

“We had fun giving him lots of individually made metal accessories, such as a sword, a gun and liquor bottle.”

Artist Mai Sudjai began making small sculptures from scrap parts ten years ago as a hobby.

Demand for the pieces grew and he now runs a workshop with more than a dozen people working on projects.

They collect parts – including carburettors, chains, and exhaust pipes – from scrap Japanese cars before rinsing off dust and grease.

They even set each part alight to burn off petrol then coat them in lacquer for protection.

Metalsmiths then weld together each piece of steel, while aluminium parts are screwed into place. The finished sculptures weigh up to 500kg.

The firm has made hundreds of ‘steampunk’ models as well as famous characters Alien, Queen Alien, Species, Predator, Hellboy, Optimus and BumbleBee from Transformers, T-800 from Terminator.

They have also made Star Wars favourites Darth Vader, Battle Droid, R2D2, Storm Trooper and Boba Fett.

Krittayakorn said they receive commissions from around the world and have shipped finished pieces to the UK, United States, Australia, Russia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

He added: “Our artists are passionate about film characters. We want to recreate them in our own style from recycled metal.

“We try to retain the specific characteristic of the car parts parts although we do a lot of cutting, hammering and welding to make sure that we get the right shape for the character’s features.

“If a car part size is exactly what we need then we just use it as a whole.”

The sculptures can be bought from

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