Feral cat tucks into dinner – despite having a hook through its jaw

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This feral cat can be seen tucking into a hearty meal with ease – despite having a 3 cm FISHHOOK through its jaw.

Cat wanders around Greek island with hook through its jaw

It is thought the hungry tortoiseshell, who lives on the Greek island of Symi, became ‘hooked’ when it ate a fish head that had the metal still attached.

The full-grown tomcat has suffered with the hook in his face for over a month, as there is no vet on Symi, which has a population of just 2,500.

He was snapped by professional photographer Jon Ryan, 53, who was on holiday with wife Elaine, on the 22-mile long island.

Cat wanders around Greek island with hook through its jaw

Jon, who lives near Glastonbury with historian Elaine and their four cats and one spaniel, said he was stunned when they spotted the hook.

He said: ”I was very shocked to see the tomcat. You just don’t expect to see a cat walking round with a 3cm hook in its face.

”It is so lucky that the hook didn’t go down into his stomach or get stuck in his neck, or the situation could have been a lot worse.

”It was amazing when it started eating kibble off the floor because it did it completely normally, he looked quite healthy.

Cat wanders around Greek island with hook through its jaw

”He was originally spotted with the hook in his mouth over a month ago. I haven’t been back since but he will obviously need veterinary treatment soon.”

The tomcat is one of the many feral cats on the island, which is cared for by kind-hearted locals and tourists during the Summer season.

It is hoped his hook will be removed during a routine visit by a vet from the University of Thessalonika, who is set to visit this month.

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