Female-to-male transsexual had sex with girl, 14, after grooming her online

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Chloe Brady aka Aaron Clark outside Bristol Crown Court

Twisted transsexual Chloe Brady aka Aaron Clark outside Bristol Crown Court

A transsexual who was born female but lived as a boy called Aaron has been convicted of having underage sex with a girl.

Chloe Brady, 18, met the 14-year-old on social media and repeatedly had intercourse with her after becoming her ‘boyfriend’.

The pervert – who is still female and has not had sex-change surgery – used a strap-on penis to have sex with the girl nine or ten times after she had turned 15.

He admitted underage sex when he appeared at Bristol Crown Court, charged under his real name but referred to throughout the case as Aaron Clark.

But he walked free with a two-year community order and a restraining order banning contact with his victim.

The court heard how Clark groomed the girl with ‘dirty’ text conversations and ‘pressurised’ her into texting back.

He asked the girl for extremely intimate and graphic photos of her private parts which she sent once or twice a week – sparking a row if she tried to refuse.

When Clark was kicked out of his parents’ home in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, he moved to Bristol to stay with the girl but soon became a bad influence on her.

The girl’s mother noticed that Clark told her daughter to eat things she didn’t like and kept her up late so she missed school.

Her daughter also started to self-harm more frequently and Clark was asked to leave the house.

At that he became moody, said he would be homeless and accused the schoolgirl of cheating.

He also sent her threatening texts, including one which said: “You’ve f…..g broken me.

“You bitch – your precious mother will seriously regret all the s**t you have caused. Enjoy explaining to people why your boyfriend killed himself.”

Clark then threatened to post intimate pictures of the girl on social media.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to two charges of having sexual activity with a child and one charge of harassment.

When questioned by police Clark accepted he knew the girl was under the age of 16 when they had sex.

Paul Cook, prosecuting, said: “On the charges is the name Chloe Brady, which is his birth name.

“He was born female but is transgender and known as Aaron Clark. There has been no corrective surgery.”

Mr Cook said the girl was 14 when she first chatted to Clark on Twitter in 2012.

He told the court: “She lives in Bristol and the defendant was up country.

“A friendship grew and she got to know him as a male.

“The defendant had broken up with his girlfriend and their relationship developed via Facebook and text.”

By January or February 2013 the girl learned from Clark that he was actually female, the court heard.

Mr Cook added: “She was fine about that. They were still friends, and the defendant expressed feelings towards her, who likewise was developing  feelings in return.

“The defendant suggested they meet up in Bristol for a weekend at her home in late April, 2013.

“She felt fine when she met the defendant, who was nice towards her.

“Thereafter he visited every weekend.

“She slept in her mother’s room, but after a while they shared the same bedroom, with (the girl) sleeping on the put up bed on the floor.

“Her mother and step-father were there and the parents understood they were sleeping in the same room.”

A few weeks after Clark first visited he had sex with the girl, the court heard.

Mr Cook said: “Penetrative vaginal intercourse happened pretty mush straight away, achieved by the defendant attaching a strap-on rubber penis to himself.

“This was on nine or ten occasions.”

Katrina Wilson, defending, said Clark had been described as “a confused young man with social and emotional needs.”

She said his mother was supportive of him and welcomed him at home.

She added: “He recognises that he needs to be punished, particularly bearing in mind the nature of the communication, for which he is thoroughly ashamed.

“He would comply with a community order.”

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC told Clark: “You need to understand, and from what I’m told you do, that these offences are serious, both the sexual offences and the harassment offence.

“The damage you may have caused is untold. You clearly caused great distress to her
and her family.

“You also need to understand that people who commit these offences normally go to prison.

“I don’t think you could complain it that is where you went today.”

The judge handed Clark a two year community order, with two years’ supervision and a four months’ curfew in which he must stay at home from 7pm to 7am.

Clark, of Ilkeston, Derbyshire, was also given a restraining order banning him from contact with the girl and her parents.

He was told to register as a sex offender for five years.

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