Female tiger gives randy male the brush-off

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This the moment a female Bengal tiger gives a randy male the brush-off in an awesome display of dominance.

Female tiger gives randy male the brush-off

The beautiful beasts were captured swinging their powerful paws at each other by amateur photographer Stacy Woolhouse on a visit to West Midlands Safari Park.

Stacy, 39, was so pleased with her snap she entered it into a national photography competition – and came out runner-up.

She said: ”I went for the day with my fiancé and nipper, drove around once and nothing was happening.

”I drove around again and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I think the male was getting a bit frisky but she was having none of it.”

The white tigers are from the Bengal breed and have a reduced pigmentation which leads to their lighter colour.

They are produced when two carriers of the recessive gene, who may not necessarily be white themselves, breed.

According to West Midland’s Safari Park, there hasn’t been a white Bengal tiger spotted in the wild since 1951.


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