Farmer breeds first Nile crocodiles in UK

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A madcap farmer has become the first man in Britain to successfully hatch a pair of baby NILE CROCODILES.

Man successfully breeds Britain's first ever NILE CROCODILES

Andy Johnson, 41, who owns Europe’s first crocodile farm, has achieved the landmark births following a six year breeding programme.

The two baby crocodiles hatched last week after he anxiously monitored the eggs during a 90 day incubation process at his home near Huntingdon, Cambs.

The successful births are believed to be the first time that Nile crocodiles have ever hatched in Britain.

Croc fanatic Andy revealed today that the newborn crocodiles are ”shy” and added he plans to use them for breeding in the future.

Man successfully breeds Britain's first ever NILE CROCODILES

He said: ”It is brilliant because we have been told right from the beginning that it wouldn’t be done – and it has knocked that theory on the head.

”I am happy just to have bred them now. As far as I know, no Niles have been bred in Britain before.

”At the moment they are being treated like gold dust because we need to get the job right.

Man successfully breeds Britain's first ever NILE CROCODILES

”We are feeding them on crickets and as they are shy they keep running off, but the crickets are disappearing.

”We were able to salvage two eggs on the bank and there was 90 days of incubation, so it has been a long job.

”Four weeks ago when I was feeding one of the adult males he knocked me flat and lay on top of me, so the boys had to get him off.

”It is like an adrenaline sport. I love working with them. Just like people like riding fast bikes or motor racing.”

Andy, from Old Hurst near Huntingdon, Cambs., intends to breed the baby crocodiles for their meat and then sell the delicacy in his farm shop.

The newborn Nile crocodiles are expected to grow to over 10ft each and could weigh up to a tonne.

Andy launched Europe’s first commercial crocodile farm in 2005 by building a £60,000 brick and tile building to house over seven fully-grown crocs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is intolerable!

  2. Neo says:

    Hopefully that no good c#@t ends up being croc food.. and I hope anyone who eats the ‘delicacy’ chokes to death on it! What a ridiculous idea offensive and unessesary!

  3. Anonymous says:

    he’s denying those crocodiles their freedom of being in the wild. sadly humans do this to other humans as well through their own ignorance

  4. Anonymous says:

    ‘I just hope he doesn’t slip one day and doesn’t end up as ”delicacy” him self

  5. Ton te Baerts says:

    Its a great plan, the meat teast better than pig.
    And the croc is a animal whithout antibiotica.
    Succes with the farm

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