Famous McLaren F1 involved in three-car collision

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The owner of this McLaren F1 supercar is facing a £100,000 repair bill after he crashed at high-speed in a three-car motorway collision.

The wealthy motorist, who lives in Britain but closely guards his identity, was cruising in the fast lane of an autobahn in West Germany when the smash occurred.

The 240mph supercar, which costs £2million secondhand and is one of only 64 ever built, crashed into two cars after swerving to avoid a slower driver who had pulled out.

The force of the collision caused severe damage to the front-left wheel and bonnet and German police estimate the repair costs at over £100,000.

The true identity of the McLaren F1’s owner is unknown although he often showcases the electric blue sports car in magazines under the nickname ‘Flemke’.

The collision occurred at around 2.30pm on July 30 this year as he swerved into the middle lane to avoid a driver who had pulled into the fast lane unexpectedly.

Nobody was injured in the resulting three car pile up and the driver who caused the accident failed to stop.

‘Flemke’ has not yet delivered the supercar to McLaren’s headquarters in Woking, Surrey, where he will receive a quote on the total cost of the damage.

The McLaren F1 is Britain’s greatest sports car with owners including Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren and Rowan Atkinson, who crashed his into the back of a Rover Metro in 1999.

A price-tag of £540,000 saw it become the world’s most expensive car when it was launched in 1993.

Incredibly, 17 years on secondhand McLaren F1s can sell for more than £2million on the used car market.

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