Family’s life becomes a nightmare after pet parrot mimics the sound of heavy machinery

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A family told today how their life has become a misery after their pet parrot started mimicking the ear-piercing noises — of heavy machinery.

Michelle and Iain Cassie have been tormented by loud construction work yards from their house.

But to make matters worse – their five-year-old African Grey parrot Simba has started imitating the sound of trucks reversing and relentless drilling sounds.


Michelle Cssie with her African grey parrot which has started mimicing the sounds of heavy machinery

Michelle Cssie with her African grey parrot which has started mimicing the sounds of heavy machinery

Michelle, 46, said: “The parrot is actually making noises like the guys outside and is just copying anything.

“She makes grinding noises, truck noises and the beeping noise the cherrypicker makes when it’s reversing.

“Putting up with the day-to-day sounds is hard enough without Simba copying them.

“We’re just hoping when the works finish in January she will begin to stop the noises.”

Builders have been constructing a new £1.1m community centre at Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, since June so Simba has had months to perfect her impressions.

But Iain, 49, who is currently working offshore, said: “I’ve got a monitor which measured 85db decibels in the house once day when they were at work.

“I actually work offshore where if the noise is about 65 to 70db you would have to wear ear protection.

“It’s really stressed me and my wife out. I have to get my blood pressure checked every time I’m offshore and my blood pressure seems to be OK offshore, but not when I’m at home.

“Me and our daughter Brogan get asthma and I’ve had to clean the windows of the house and the car every second day because of the dust.”

Plans for the new facility were drawn up after a 2004 survey found that 97 per cent of locals wanted a new sports centre.

The building will have a multi-purpose sports hall, a fitness suite, a shower, changing facilities and a cafe.

A spokesman for the Newmachar Community Centre Association (NCCA) said: “We are aware of the concerns that have been raised and have offered to meet with them. That offer is still open.

“We have also made the contractor aware of the concerns raised about construction works.

“NCCA followed a rigorous process of community consultation including two specific public meetings, where plans were on display in the village hall for residents to view.”

Ian Robertson, Aberdeenshire Council’s head of protective services and waste management, said: “Officers from the Environmental Health Service have spoken to Mr Cassie on a number of occasions regarding the ongoing construction of Newmachar Community Hall.”

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    And Iain and Michelle never got plans.

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