Enhancements to Help Increase Productivity

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By using the right tools for various jobs, there is productivity enhancement in every business. The more value added to the existing components and designs, the better the output. Ciiva BMMS has a variety of new enhancements to help increase productivity.

These are:

The generator feature of the base component automatically generates new component numbers of all the parts when they are manually created or when there is cloning of an existing part in the component item library.

The improvement of the relationship feature enables the creation of filters that are easy to customize that already in existence. This is a big help especially when you have a product that is complex. It also helps in cases where you have component relationships causing the enlargement of the standard maps.

During the process of importing, the new features enable you to preserve the component library. This prevents any modifications made to the component. For this to be successful, the import data components must already be in the component library with the same attribute values.

After making the changes in the component library, it is good to have the same changes to other BOMs. With the Ciiva BMMS, the changing process is easier now than it was before.  It was hard opening each BOM to update them one after the other.

Use of high current industrial apps like power motor controllers, load testers and battery chargers with very high currents are today playing a big role in increasing productivity

Use of PCB for lighting solutions is another enhancement that has greatly improved productivity pcb offer a much needed solution for the generation of high efficiency and cost effective products used for lighting like LED lights. Aluminum PCB used mainly for lighting solutions serve two functions. They allow LED components to be interconnected and they are the designs heat sink. They are also easily affordable.

In the automotive and the aerospace industries, PCB is very much in demand. Because of the high vibrations subjected to applications in these industries, flexible PCBs made to withstand the vibrations are used as they can easily adapt into any situation

Make sure every electronic phase of design is split into subsections and the correct and most appropriate software developed for each phase. The designs are made in 3D and the most important part of the design which is the CAD PCB layout is well designed and put in its place. From there it will be easy to build the prototypes of the equipment, the company should conduct constant tests to ensure everything is running as it should. The experts or technicians should always make sure that everything is okay and complete before moving to the next phase. Carrying out more testing after completion is necessary to ensure that every item and component works well. Once everything is clear and error free, then the production review is certified as complete and ready for production. Any minor enhancements to the design and any other issues would be easily resolved now. Maintain the highest possible quality for your business by putting in place only the best enhancements to help increase your productivity.

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