How electronic cigarettes are becoming tech gadgets

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Despite the undoubted health benefits of electronic cigarettes, until recently they’ve had a long way to go to really be defined as a tech product. However, this is all starting to change as new products come on to the market.

A study created by London Economics has found that 105,000 smokers will be killed every year if European countries ban e-cigarettes. Due to stats like this, e-cigarettes have been seen solely as a health product for too long.

A couple of years ago when people started using electronic cigarettes, anyone that got one out in the pub or in the street got some very odd looks. In some countries, such as the UK, where there is a public smoking ban in place, people were often offended by the fact that people are smoking indoors.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming tech gadgets in their own right as well as health products

Electronic cigarettes are becoming tech gadgets in their own right as well as health products (file picture)

Fast-forward to today and it is common-place to see people using them in the street and there is nearly always someone using an e-cig in a pub. The reality is that e-cigs are now a regular fixture, and this has indirectly created a new hobbyist niche where people are completely customising their e-cigs.

This has led to some manufacturers coming up with some very creative ideas.

One of these new technology products allows you to integrate your e-cigarette with your phone. Supersmokerclub has launched their latest device, the “Supersmoker Bluetooth” which integrates bluetooth technology onto the e-cig so that it can control your mobile phone and play MP3s directly from it using the speaker also built into the device.

This device allows you to control your music, and take calls. Most e-cigarette users will ensure that they have their e-cig with them at all times to fight off any cravings, so being able to connect it with your other favourite device makes complete sense.

Like other hobbyist niche’s electronic cigarettes are starting to gain a big following of people who enjoy modding their e-cig. There are a number of companies who sell basic electronic cigarettes, such as neatcigs, but companies like ecigwizard have really gone to town on the modding products.

Most suppliers offer raw products outside of the e-liquid and starter kits, to include batteries, changeable cases, power units and more – allowing enthusiasts to make their perfect electronic cigarette.

For converted smokers, e-cigarettes are an extension of themselves, much like mobile phones are to the tech generation. These products will become more and more tech focused as time goes on and new innovative ways to connect them to other devices are found.

Whatever your view on electronic cigarettes, the health benefits are there for all to see, and the devices are now starting to make an impact in the tech world as well with added connectivity and customization. E-cigs are definitely one to keep an eye on if you are a tech observer!

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