Elderly driver transports roll of carpet – on mobility scooter

September 28, 2010 | by | 1 Comment

This hilarious video clip shows a pensioner taking home a large roll of carpet – on his MOBILITY SCOOTER.

The daredevil driver – wearing a fluorescent jacket for safety – is seen wobbling along a road in Wincanton, Somerset, at speeds of up to 8mph.

His cargo – which is hanging across the blue vehicle – completely blocks the road and the elderly driver even pulls over at one stage to allow traffic to pass.

The 39-second clip – posted on YouTube – was filmed on a mobile phone by Gary McKenna, 20, who was a passenger in a car behind the pensioner.

He said: ”I was in a car with a mate when we saw him and thought it was rather out of the ordinary.

”We drove past and parked up and waited for him to come past and followed him.
I think at times traffic coming the other way could have hit him.

”I don’t know how old the man was, I didn’t see his face, but I’d have thought he was in his 70s.

”I thought it was unusual.”

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  1. Liza says:

    This elderly man seems to be very brave and adventurous. Its not at all easy to carry huge carpet on mobility scooter. I really salute this old man for his courage in this old age.
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