Elderly are the fastest growing demographic of iGamers

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The clock strikes 8am and Oscar lays in bed awake. He wonders why to bother getting up, other than mere routine. The 80-year-old stands up and makes his way to the kitchen. The sound of the coffee pot brewing is the only sound echoing through the house. It’s been three years since his wife has passed, and his children are now grown, busy tending to their own families. Every day he sits and wonders what to do with the 24 hours ahead. He sips his coffee, and with a sigh and a shrug, pulls out the computer, opens it, and clicks on that round picture on his screen. Oscar never really understood how the thing works, but it was what his nephew showed him to do during Christmas lunch – one of the few times he’s elated with their presence. The search engine pops up, and Oscar fumbles his way to his favourite game. It costs £2 a spin, but it helps him pass the time, and makes him feel engaged with the outside world.


Seniors love to gamble!

Senior citizens are the leading and the fastest growing demographic of online gambling and betting users. The reason being that although they may not be the most tech-savvy, once they have got to grips with it, the ease of pressing a few buttons to play and win big prizes without having to leave the comfort of their own home, is a huge incentive for them. Popular sites such as SBAT make gaming a little bit easier to understand with a great mix of tips, odds, and free bets to help them on their way.

What is the attraction?

Gaming is exciting and brings joy to what otherwise might be a dull series of days. This is especially true for those who can’t visit proper casinos and resort to playing online games, as even online casinos and betting platforms provide social atmospheres which allow the elderly to distance themselves from any feelings of isolation. The important thing is not letting it get out of hand and realising that it is something that should always remain fun!

The excitement presented by gaming also serves as a distraction to any physical or emotional pain the elderly might be going through. With physical ailments, such as declining mobility, as with emotional turmoil, as one would experience following the passing of a spouse or with coming to terms with the end of a fruitful career, the only remedy for such chronic conditions is to remain busy and keep the mind occupied. For lack of alternate activities, gaming can turn out to be a first and best choice for some!

Becoming elderly can be one of the most difficult times of one’s life. But it is important to keep the mind agile, keep getting involved in social activities, and keep yourself busy. One such way is to use things like video poker, online sports books, and other platforms that allow interaction and such with other users. Not only does it work to keep the mind active, but it allows communication, interaction, and socialising even if mobility and the ability to go out and about is limited.

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