Dying mum who declined chemo to save unborn baby has bucket list wish fulfilled – after getting personalised message from Homer Simpson

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A brave mum who declined chemo to try and save her unborn baby has achieved a bucket list dream after getting a personalized message – from HOMER SIMPSON.

Police officer Heidi Loughlin, 33, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer when she was three months pregnant.

She then put her own life at risk and delayed the chemo to opt for a less-effective treatment which would not harm her little girl.

Heidi Loughlin with her sons Noah Smith, 2, (left) and Tait Smith, 1, (right) at home

Heidi Loughlin with her sons Noah Smith, 2, (left) and Tait Smith, 1, (right) at home

Tragically her baby daughter Ally Louise Smith, who weighed just 2lb 5oz, passed away just eight days after she was born.

Friends of terminally ill Heidi launched a campaign last week to help her appear as a voice on the cartoon show after she put it as an item on her bucket list.

And now main Simpsons cartoonist Liz Climo sent a personalised picture of Homer shouting “We Love you, Heidi Loughlin.”

The drawing sent by the Simpsons' creators to Heidi Loughlin

The drawing sent by the Simpsons’ creators to Heidi Loughlin

Heidi has documented her battle with cancer on award-winning blog Storm in a Tit Cup, and vowed to keep fighting for her sons Noah and Tait.

Heidi said: “I grew up with The Simpsons,

“It’s something that is quite timeless and it’s something my kids will be able to enjoy when they are older. It’s so lovely to have people doing that for me.”

On her Twitter feed, Heidi added: ””Look what Homer is saying!!!! Bloody amazing!!! Thank you so much Liz Climo from The Simpsons!!!! Xxxx”

To get involved follow #heidiOnTheSimpsons on Twitter.

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