Drunk skinhead kung-fu kicked Tory MP who tried to make a citizen’s arrest

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A topless skinhead has admitted kung-fu kicking a Tory MP who tried to make a citizens arrest when he spotted him vandalising a bus stop.

Ivans Karanovs, 20, attacked Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson and innocent bystander Christopher Brierley.

Mr Jackson and his wife Sarah witnessed drunk Karanovs throwing a can of Stella at a bus shelter causing the glass to shatter.

Ivans Karanovs arriving at Peterborough Magistrates Court. He admitted attacking Tory MP Stewart Jackson, who tried to make a citizen's arrest

Ivans Karanovs arriving at Peterborough Magistrates Court. He admitted attacking Tory MP Stewart Jackson, who tried to make a citizen’s arrest

Mr Brierley, who had been waiting at the bus stop, was left with cuts to his forehead and glass in his cheek from the flying shards.

The MP decided to make a stand and carry out a citizen’s arrest but backed down when Karanovs became aggressive.

Shaven-headed Karanovs then launched a kung-fu style kick into the politician’s side in front of his horrified wife.

Karanovs had denied criminal damage and common assault but later changed his plea to guilty at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court.

The Latvian national admitted the offences through an interpreter and was warned he faces jailed.

Yetunde Fawehinmi , prosecuting, said MP Jackson’s wife watched in horror as Karanovs ‘kung fu’ kicked her husband in his side.

Mr Jackson witnessed Karanovs vandalising a bus shelter and intervened

Mr Jackson witnessed Karanovs vandalising a bus shelter and intervened

She said: “The defendant, who was in a drunk state, described as being topless, shaved head and shouting and swearing was first witnessed by Mr Brierley in the bus shelter.

“The defendant threw a bottle of beer towards the bus shelter causing the glass to smash.

“He then kicked the bus shelter and as a result shards of glass went all over the place causing injury to Mr Brierley’s face.

“Mr Brierley left the bus shelter immediately. Mr Jackson and his wife observed the defendant.

“Mr Jackson was quite concerned about what he had seen. He decided to go back to speak to the defendant about his actions.

“On approaching the defendant he had wanted to affect a citizen’s arrest, but due to the demeanour of the defendant who was shouting and swearing and squaring up to him he decided he would not go any further.

“The defendant approached him as if wanting a fight, throwing kicks to his side, however causing no injury. Mr Jackson followed the defendant at a safe distance and called the police.

“His wife described the kicks as kung-fu style.”

The court heard Karanovs, from Peterborough, Cambs., was given a conditional discharge on July 11, 2012 for theft from a shop and assaulting a security guard.

Just a fortnight later on July 28 he admitted criminal damage on a bus stop, assaulting MP Jackson and Mr Brierley in Peterborough and a public order offence.

The new offences put him in breach of the conditional discharge and District Judge Sandeep Kainth warned him he was now facing jail.

Time Needham, defending, said Karanovs’ violent behaviour was as a result of alcohol and asked for probation to consider an alcohol programme.

But the judge warned: “All options remain open in way of sentence.”

District Judge Kainth said: “You were heavily intoxicated and behaving in a disgraceful way.

“Mr Jackson was, I am told, trying to remonstrate with you and affect a citizen’s arrest and was also subject to your thuggish behaviour.”

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Jacksondemanded Karanovs should be “kicked out of our country.”

He said Karanovs had “abused” the “hospitality” of Britain and should pay the price by being deported once he has served his punishment.

Mr Jackson said: “I did what any decent civic minded person would do.

“I couldn’t walk by when people were being frightened and injured and this individual was destroying public property.

“Peterborough is not only my constituency but my home too.

“Why should he be able to do this in front of my family?

“This is the first time something like this has happened to me in my constituency.

“He should be forced to repay the court costs, get a proper custodial sentence and then be kicked out of our country, the hospitality of which he has abused.”

The backbencher tweeted: “Experiencing the pleasures this morning of Peterborough Magistrates Court.”

Mr Jackson was elected on May 5 2005 and re-elected with an increased majority on May 6 2010.

Prior to being elected, Stewart was a Business Services Manager with Business Link in London.

His wife Sarah is a journalist with a national newspaper and the couple live in central Peterborough with their daughter Isabel.

It is not believed Karanovs, who is due to be sentenced on October 23, was aware of Mr Jackson’s parliamentary role before the attack.

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