Drivers’ number one pet hate? Using a mobile phone at the wheel

June 12, 2014 | by | 0 Comments

Using a mobile phone at the wheel is the biggest pet hate of other drivers, a survey revealed today.

Despite being outlawed more than 10 years ago, chatting on the phone while driving is still the top bugbear of 70 per cent of road users.

Potholes were the second biggest annoyance, followed by dangerous overtakers, tailgaters and boy racers.

Surprisingly, cyclists came out favourably in the research by Warrantywise, which surveyed 1,000 of its customers.

Half of respondents said that cyclists on the road were only a ‘minor inconvenience’, while 40 per cent of people stated the same about pedestrians. 

In order, the top five worst issues were as follows:

1.       Mobile Phone Users
2.       Potholes
3.       Overtakers/Undertakers
4.       Tailgating
5.       Boy Racers

Richard Hodges, of Warrantywise, said: “We’re relieved that so many people consider mobile phones a major source of frustration. 

“People that use phones whilst driving provide a clear and definite danger to other road users and we’re glad this survey highlights that a great many UK drivers also take this view.”

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