Motorist hit with £5,000 of fines for parking… outside his HOME

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A disgruntled motorist has been left fuming after racking up nearly £5,000 in fines – for parking outside his HOME.

Steven Spencer, 38, has single yellow lines outside his house which allow him to park for a maximum of one hour at a time.

The other roads near his home in Stapleford, Notts., are permit holders only and the other car park is over a MILE away.

Steven Spencer, 38, outside his home in Stapleford, Nottingham where he's been left with £5,000 of parking fines for leaving his car outside his own home

Steven Spencer, 38, outside his home in Stapleford, Nottingham where he’s been left with £5,000 of parking fines for leaving his car outside his own home

Over the last 12 years Steven, a factory worker, has forked out an astonishing £4,900 after being slapped with 70 penalty tickets.

He and his wife are now moving out of their terraced house to avoid being hit by more fines.

The dad-of-two said: “We could have used that money to go on a cruise or even bought a new car with the amount we’ve spent on parking fines.

“We might as well move rather than spend all that money again paying fines.

“This might sound like a stupid little problem, like it’s just some parking issue, but it’s actually really serious because we have absolutely nowhere to park anymore.

The parking bays directly opposite Steven's home, left

The parking bays directly opposite Steven’s home, left

“In the mornings when I’m with the kids I have to run around a lot, so I leave the car outside about three times for a couple of minutes, but they fine me straight away.

“The only place we can park is miles up the road and if you’ve got a boot load of shopping it can be a bit of a nightmare.”

Nottinghamshire County Council have changed regulations in the area meaning a nearby residential road that used to have free parking is now permit holders only.

Steven now has to pay £1.50 to leave his car a mile away or risk getting a fine leaving his car outside his home.

He said: “I don’t understand why the restrictions have been put in place because we are not in the centre of town.

“It is so frustrating not being able to park outside or near your own home. It is just another way for the council to make money.

“Over the last two years I must have had at least 20 tickets and dozens more before that. I have only been a minute late in some cases.”

His neighbour Debra Brett, 48, added: “I moved into the house in 1995 and have seen all the restrictions come into place.

“We would also move out of the house if we thought we could get anyone to buy it from us with no parking nearby.”

Kate Butler, improvements manager for the council, said: “With all such schemes there is always some conflict of interest and we have to balance the needs of local residents alongside those of businesses in the area.

“The West End Street scheme itself doesn’t have the capacity to allow all residents of Derby Road a permit.

“We have done our very best to provide a solution which keeps the majority of people happy.”

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  1. Anon for peace and quiet. says:

    A local residences response to Mr Spencer’s ridiculously large parking fines.

    There are parking difficulties in the area concerned – agreed, however, Mr Spencer could if he wanted park on Bessel Lane which is just a few yards away from his home and then at a stretch there are always spaces available in the nearby precinct where the veterinary surgery is without fear of parking penalties. I don’t think any of us park within a few yards away from our property let alone have to park anything near a mile away as Mr Spencer says he does. We all are aware of the parking restrictions imposed along our road and in the area, especially those of us who have lived here longer than others. Yet to collect a ridiculously enormous amount of fines through not abiding by the local parking rules, if true, does seem that there may be a learning difficulty issue. For some though, be it through ignorance, bad luck or taking a chance, one parking fine is usually all it takes to get the message across.
    With the area looking a bit run down, maybe the council could reinvest Mr Spencer’s fines back in to the community. Some prettier Christmas lights on the lampposts maybe?
    The Traffic Wardens at times, do hang around long enough to be noticed. Fair play as this gives the driver a chance to move on before a ticket is issued. It would be a nightmare around here if parking restrictions were not in place. No doubt all residents with cars who live along that stretch of Derby Road would love the luxury of being able to park outside their own front door, just as would the residence of West End Street except we can’t because Mr Spencer has parked here again.

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