Driver, 26, hit wth £19,000 fine for parking in her own DRIVEWAY

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A furious driver has slammed a firm after she was hit with a whopping £18,500 fine for parking – in her own DRIVEWAY.

Carly Mackie, 26, has been plagued with daily tickets on her windscreen for more than a year but ignored them because she was parked in front of her own garage.

But she couldn’t believe it when she was sent a formal letter by a private parking firm demanding she cough up £18,500 to cover all the tickets.

Carly Mackie has received £18,500 fines for parking outside her garage

Carly Mackie has received £18,500 fines for parking outside her garage

Carly, who lives with her parents, said she intends to fight Sheffield-based Vehicle Control Services LTD and is considering moving house.

Angry Carly said: “We have a right to park in front of our own property. I’ve considered moving out. It just makes my life so hellish.

“I always make a point of parking in front of my own garage, where nobody else could park, and never parking on the double yellow lines on the road.”

Carly, from Dundee, has been parking her Mini on cobbles in front of her garage for more than a year.

She claims she is being deliberately targeted after other cars who have parked in the same spot have not received penalty notices.

Carly said she came to regard the fines as a daily annoyance, and had no idea the firm would add them all up and bill her for the total.

She said: “It’s been going on for years now. They seem to be targeting my car.

“I asked the man issuing the tickets where I could park and he didn’t have an answer for me.

“Other cars have parked in the same place I have and have not been issued a ticket.

“They say the route is pedestrian access, but there are old cobbles that wouldn’t be suitable for a wheelchair, and just across the road is a smooth path.”

And it seems even the local council is confused after it gave her a parking ticket for using the space too.

She added: “One day I returned to find a council parking notice on it, as well as a private ticket, which made no sense.

“How can I have violated both a public and private parking at the same time?”

After appealing to Dundee City Council, Carly was told she no longer had to pay the council’s parking charge.

Vehicle Control Services LTD did not respond when asked to comment.

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