Dozy driver tried to go through floodwater and drenched his £150,000 Aston Martin

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This dozy driver had a soggy Christmas after he drove into floodwater which deluged his brand new £150,000 ASTON MARTIN.

The four-door supercar broke down as the motorist tried to travel home through a flooded street in Maidstone, Kent, on Christmas Day.

Water, up to four-feet high in places, caused the electrics in the luxury Aston Martin Rapide to cut out, meaning the driver had no choice but to abandon his brand new car.

A police officer next to the Aston Martin after it was flooded

A police officer next to the Aston Martin after it was flooded

The vehicle was stuck and water was seen dripping across its white leather seats and back seat TV screens.

The owner, who asked not to be named, said: “I was just trying to get home and it conked out.I thought I’d be okay, but I wasn’t.

“It’s alright though, it’ s only a car. I’m fine, and nobody was hurt – that’s the main thing.”

Resident Adam French, 25, witnessed the whole scene from his flat overlooking the flooded street.

He said: “That guy had no chance. I reckon the air intake must be pretty low on that car, and the whole thing just shut down.

“After a while, the windows opened, which was pretty funny, because some kids got into the car. He didn’t seem too bothered, which was a bit strange.

The vehicle was removed on Thursday afternoon, after the mechanic and the owner struggled to open the electric bonnet because the luxury car’s bonnet was flat.

The cream leather interior of the supercar seemed remarkably dry, despite water reaching up over the wheel arches.

Water was seen dripping off the televisions on the back of the front seats, after the electrical fault caused the windows to open.

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