Dopey workmen put up roadsign telling drivers ‘Access To RESIDANCE Only’

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Bungling workmen were left red-faced after erecting a sign telling motorists: “Access To RESIDANCE Only.”

National Grid bosses were left embarrassed for the second time after the misspelt sign was spotted on the same day they put one up spelling Welsh as “Whelsh.”

The latest blunder cropped up on a sign in Rugby, Warks., on Sunday informing locals of a road closure in the town.

The misspelt sign with the word "RESIDANCE" in Rugby, Warwickshire

The misspelt sign with the word “RESIDANCE” in Rugby, Warwickshire

The red-and-white sign was spotted on Dunchurch Road by passer-by Ronald Perch, 61.

He said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s hilarious but a little bit worrying that there’s people out there who cannot spell basic words.”

On the same day 70 miles away in Shrewsbury, Shrops., the same company put out a yellow sign by the roadside to advise drivers that the town’s “Whelsh Bridge” was closed.

Bill Ball, from the Queen’s English Society, said: “Two spelling errors of that magnitude in just a day is absolutely shocking.

“They should be ashamed of themselves.

“While on the face of it we can have a giggle, there is a serious point to be made here.

“They are both simple misspellings and a sad reflection of the standards in our education system today.

“Everybody has words they can’t spell, which is understandable – but this is ridiculous.”

A National Grid spokesperson said: “We would like to thank the members of the public who pointed out these errors.

“The Welsh bridge sign was temporary so we thought it was better to have it up than not

“And we will be speaking to the company that produced the sign in Rugby to ensure it gets amended.”

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