Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

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A beloved pet Jack Russell Terrier has to be dressed in specially made boots for walkies to protect his delicate paws because he is allergic – to GRASS.

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

Long-suffering eight-year-old Jaxs suffers a painful reaction if he comes into contact with even a single blade of grass.

The allergy causes huge clumps of fur to fall out and leaves Jaxs suffering huge sores on his sensitive paws.

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

But Jaxs’ life was transformed after a local vet suggested his owner Maria Domanic fit him out in ‘doggy boots’.

Retired care worker Maria, 59, from Kingsbridge, Devon, said: ”He absolutely loves the boots. Initially he was a little tentative but over time he’s become very protective of them.

”I never really put two and two together with the allergy.

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

”One day, I took him to the vets and had him tested, which showed he was allergic to grass, as well as milk, protein and oats.

”He’s so happy to finally be able to run around the field with other dogs.

”the allergy proves very painful for him and he would sometimes gnaw at his paws after walks.”

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

Little Jaxs has become so attached to the boots, which are made of canvas and attached using velcro, that he even picks them up in his mouth before walkies.

But she admits she does get some odd looks and comments from fellow dog walkers.

Dog allergic to grass gets specially made boots

Maria, who has had Jaxs since a pup, added: ”As soon as I got the lead he runs off and gets his boots and if another dog comes round or anyone tries to pick them up he will run off and protect them.

”He even sleeps with them in his basket. I’ve had a few people make some odd comments branding me ‘cruel’ and ‘disgusting’ for dressing him up in clothes.

”I have to explain it’s for his own good and not some fashion statement I’m trying to make.”


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  1. Alethamello2209 says:

    beautiful..kisses @AlethaMello:twitter 

  2. NJ says:

    Oh, not only is he allergic to grass, but also to milk, oats, and PROTEIN?

    I call BS. That is such a crock–if he’s allergic to protein, whats he supposed to eat, vegetarian dog food? Humans, thru evolution, can survive on a vegetarian diet if they choose to, but dogs are not meant to be vegetarians. I highly doubt the dog is allergic to protein, or any of the other things here. What they most likely mean is he has a sensitivity to these things. these days people think allergy=food sensitivity but thats not the case.

    How much you wanna bet that this woman also has a bunch of “allergies” too?

    • Anonymous says:

      Calm down. As the person in the next comment stated, it looks like there’s a misplaced comma.

      It should be “milk protein” not “milk, protein.”

    • Dani says:

      Im a vet nurse and I can tell you some animals are allergic to protein,
      thats why there is special prescription diets formulated such as Hills
      the allergy generally doesnt cause anaphylaxis like many of ours do but can cause gastro upsets or skin problems.

      • Jess B. says:

        My jack Russell has also been found to be allergic to almost every type of grass and weed, he has to wear a shirt so he does not itch through himself and take medication. Maybe if I get him so good boots he would learn to wear them to.. although he still does not like the shirt. Everyone always comments oh how cute such a cute shirt, I hate dressing up dogs but its for his own good he wears what comes of the clearance rack and what will fit him. His also sensitive to food. My cat also they both have prescription food, which contains things their genetic line would not have had access to become allergic to. Like Kangaroo or duck meat. instead of cow and pork and chicken.

  3. Somewhere in CT says:

    How much you wanna bet that there is one misplaced comma in the sentence typed up by someone NOT the dog owner?  He could be allergic to “milk protein” and NOT “milk, protein.”  

    What are you so angry about NJ?

  4. Traceclip says:

    My dog has exactly the same allergy and has to be injected once a month
    to de-sensitise her.  Funnily enough she is half Jack Russell (Collie
    other half) and has had boots for ages – but because her pads were
    slashed at one point by glass.   I must try them again – she will NOT be

    • Jane says:

      My dog which is a beagle just got her tests back and is allergic to grass, weed, trees almost everything out doors. I’m thinking about the injections, have they helped. I don’t like the idea of giving her something to mask the problem.


  5. Sharox3 says:

    This is no laughing matter.  Son’s dog is allergic to grass, weeds, trees, pollen, mold and nearly everything outdoors!  And he is a German Shepherd who needs all the running room possible.  Only good thing is we live up north so at least 5 months a year we have snow and he can run to his hearts content without hairless and bloody feet

  6. Damian says:

    This person is my mum! I can whole heatedly admit that this story IS for ATTENTION… in reply to ‘NJ’ Yes, she does has lots of allergies and illnesses. I am SHOCKED that the papers have actually covered this and it has got through so many papers! This story stinks of lies (especially the bit where she is a ‘retired Care worker’ DAMN. I used to care for HER! Guys, please don’t believe this crock.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know if the allergy injections work if the dog is allergic to grass, weed & trees of all kind.

  8. George Wright says:

    We own a Havanese so called designer dog. He has some severe allergies one of which is grass. Whenever we allow him to run in the backyard it is necessary to rinse his paws, and underside to keep him from having an attack. Our vet prescribed a very mild vinegar solution in warm water, and applied with a conventional washcloth after each outing. We are going to start using waterproof booties for him, and possibly a shirt which covers as much of his underside as possible. He was having severe blistering on his belly, and the same on his paws. His paws would get highly irritated, and all of the fur would disappear. His feet would take on a very pink color, and he constantly licked, and/or chewed his paws. Cleaning his paws and underbelly after his outdoor time is a bit troublesome but we love him like a child,and we do what we must.

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