Doctor treats stressed clients with caves made from SALT

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A doctor believes she can help stressed professionals improve their health – with caves made from SALT.

Relaxing in one of the man-made caves helps to improve health. They also help hotels and health centres attract customers looking for the benefits of winding down in the caves.

Dr. Smiechowski, who runs is now offering wellness centres for corporate encompassing salt cave,, napping centres and meditation rooms.

‘As people increasingly search for natural ways to improve their well-being, Himalayan salt has emerged as one very powerful healing tool,’ said Dr. Smiechowski.

‘Salt has been used throughout history in almost all cultures; ancient salt as a preservative and in foot and body scrubs, and sea cultures have long known that saltwater speeds up the healing of cuts and bruises.

‘Unlike table salt that has had almost all of its mineral content removed, Himalayan salt contains all of the minerals essential to life.


‘Additionally, Himalayan salt is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and powerfully anti-inflammatory, and all around the world Himalayan salt has been used to combat the signs of aging, cellulite, heart and blood pressure issues, respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies, skin conditions, sexual dysfunction and much more.’

A Himalayan salt cave

A Himalayan salt cave

Dr Smiechowski, who is based in Vermont, Canada, said she understands the ins and outs of creating salt caves. She helps clients design and build their own Himalayan caves.

But she warned of a growing trend of salt cave companies that give lower construction prices but use subpar, improper equipment.

‘We have discovered that some companies or so-called professionals offering salt caves are using materials that can actually be harmful for someone sitting in them – and at the very least will deteriorate the salt quickly, wasting time and money,’ she add.

‘That’s not how we do business at Salt Cave Inc.; utilizing modern technology and innovations in environmentally-friendly building techniques, we can recreate the healing benefits of the salt cave in homes and businesses with the professionalism clients have come to expect from us.’

Salt Cave Inc. is located in Rutland, VT and can be reached by calling (802) 770-3138 or emailing


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