Divorcee, 50, has spent £1.2 MILLION celebrating Christmas every day for the last 20 years

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Crackers Andy Park reckons he has spent over a million pounds celebrating Christmas – EVERY DAY for the last 20 years.

The 50 year-old divorcee – known as Mr Christmas – tucks into a full festive dinner seven days a week and settles down to watch the Queen’s speech 365 times a year.

He buys himself, friends and family presents every day, sends a card to his own house every 24 hours, pulls crackers and has a Christmas tree up all year round.

Andy Park, aka Mr. Christmas, at his home in Wiltshire, where it is Christmas every day

Andy Park, aka Mr. Christmas, at his home in Wiltshire, where it is Christmas every day

Andy started his full-time festive celebrations in 1993 – and says this year has seen him reach a grand total of around £1,200,000.

In two decades he has spent £16,000 on lights and decorations, £40,000 on electricity for his lights, £365,000 on food and £109,500 on turkey.

He has also splashed out £189,800 on champagne, £102,200 on wine, £365,000 on presents and £7,300 on cards.

Andy’s obsession costs him an average of £168 a day which goes on food, lights, decorations and gifts.

One of his biggest costs is turkey – which gobbles up £400 a month.

Andy has also spent thousands of pounds recording his own Christmas pop songs and videos.

In spite of the high costs the grandfather-of-two claims he won’t let money worries stop him from celebrating the occasion every day.

Andy, an electrician, said: “I have a big festive party every day – everyday is Christmas Day.

“I make sure there are always presents under the tree, crackers, bottles of wine and plenty of food around the house.

“I’ve spent over £16,000 on lights and decorations but I’m still enjoying every second of having Christmas every day.

“I have spend a lot of money on Christmas, and I know times are hard, but I will never stop spending as much I as do. I love Christmas and I’ll never stop.”

Andy, of Melksham, Wiltshire, enjoys a full Christmas dinner everyday with a number of different guests, costing him £350 a week – excluding turkey.

He also ensures that his guests never have an empty glass and always go home with a little present from under his tree.

Andy also treats himself to a daily gift and Christmas card.

He said: “It’s all left me a very skint, but very happy and contented person. I’m not bonkers, I just love Christmas.

“I have had to make a few cutbacks, something has got to give. For example I no longer put Christmas cards to myself in the post – instead I put it through my own letterbox myself.”

Andy, who lives alone, has spent more than £28,000 recording his Christmas music and filming videos to accompany them.

“Come party with me” is his latest track – which he is hoping can make it all the way to number one in the UKTOP40 charts.

He says that royalties from his music supplement his income and allow him to spend so lavishly on Christmas.

Andy’s festive expenditure over 20 years:

Lights and decorations £16,000
Electricity for his lights £40,000
Recording music £28,000
Food £365,000 (£50 a day)
Turkey £109,500
Champagne £189,800
Wine £102,200
Presents for others £365,000
Cards £7,300
Total: £1, 222, 800 in total

Equivalent to #61,140 per year; #5,095 per month; #168 per day.

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