Discover the benefits of baby wearing at the Northern Sling Exhibition

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slingThe Northern Sling Exhibition is a free, education-led not-for profit event run by volunteers.

The event is intended to reach out to families who may be curious about carrying their baby, and to provide an opportunity for health care professionals who work with families (such as health visitors and midwives) to find out more about this valuable parenting tool.

More seasoned sling users will also find much to enjoy; with several well-known companies supporting and exhibiting at the event.

The sling community in the UK is HUGE and this event marks an exciting opportunity for the North of England to access the education, excitement and benefits that slings and baby wearing provides with thousands expected to attend.

Dr. Rosie Knowles is a healthcare professional and something of a local legend in the Sheffield sling community and wider.

She and her team are responsible for running and organising various Sling Libraries and support groups within the city and she works tirelessly (and we do mean tirelessly) to assist mums, dads and families to realise the amazing benefits that carrying your baby in a sling can deliver.

She is a personality whose passion to help others is contagious.

Rosie is organising the Northern Sling Exhibition with a team of hard working volunteers from all backgrounds.

She has assembled a fantastic line up of workshops, seminars, manufacturers (including some from Sheffield), films and demonstrations to make the event a truly special occasion for those who already use slings, and those who may want to find out more about the health, lifestyle, bonding and loving benefits that slings and wraps bring to families.

This inaugural event will be held at the Workstation, part of the Showroom buildings, on Paternoster Row.

Sheffield is recognised as having a vibrant and supportive sling community – and you could argue that it is a spiritual centre for baby wearing in the UK.

So where better to hold such a large event as the Northern Sling, Exhibition than right in the heart of the city of Sheffield?

sling 2

Sheffield film maker Ricardo Lacombe ( has been invited to screen the premier of his latest short film “I Will Walk With You” at the Northern Sling Exhibition.

He has produced the film in collaboration with Executive Producer Dominic Facherty, also known as “Slingdad Dom” who has a following of over 15,000 on his sling related Facebook page.

The film is a celebration of the bond, love and joy that people of all ages and backgrounds experience in the process of slinging, wrapping and being close with their children.

Featuring babies and their loved ones in a wide variety of environments and activities, the film captures the intimacy and love expressed in this simple act of closeness that is baby-wearing.

It also features a soundtrack by the Sheffield blues / folk band “Outroads” who have provided the title song “I Will Walk With You”.

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