Disabled Mum Helps Catch Sex Fiend By Tackling Him In Her Wheelchair

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Kirsteen Johnson on the lane where the attack took place

Kirsteen Johnson on the lane where the attack took place

A disabled mum has received a bravery award for helping to catch a pervert she saw sexually assaulting a drunk woman – by tackling him in her WHEELCHAIR.

Heroic Kirsteen Johnson, 45, was coming home from bingo when she heard “muffled noises” across the street from her home.

She approached a path off Station Road, Spondon, Derby, and was alarmed to see a man with his trousers down and his hand over a woman’s mouth.

She said she asked the woman – who appeared to be drunk – if she consented to what was happening.

When she said no, Kirsteen, who uses a wheelchair due to nerve damage, dragged the man off her before he fled into the night.

Kirsteen Johnson with her award from the High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Elizabeth Fothergill

Kirsteen Johnson with her award from the High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Elizabeth Fothergill

Kirsteen, who works for ASDA and an arts therapy group, said: “He was exposed and her trousers were down.

“She was undressed and I said ‘get off her!’ He said it was none of my business.

“I said to her ‘do you want this? Is this what you want?’ She said no, so I yanked him off her. I don’t know how I found the strength. Then he ran off over the bridge.”

Kirsteen, mum to Amy, Megan, Hayley and Emma, then comforted the victim and called the police when she got home.

She added: “I tried to get her calm and she was telling me her daughter was in care and she wasn’t coping well.

“They were both well inebriated and she started becoming abusive towards me, so I left her.

“But of course as soon as I got in I called 999. I just wanted to get my clothes off as I was aware the police may want them for evidence so I put them in a bin bag.”

Kirsteen said she still suffers from flash-backs to the ordeal which happened last October.

 “I wasn’t myself for a good six months because it brought back bad memories. I was shouting at people and I didn’t know what to do.

“Derby is where I consider home, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Is it community spirit? I suppose it is.”

But thanks to her brave actions, Henry, 30, of Spondon, Derby, was jailed for six-and-a-half years in January after he admitted rape.

He was caught after he left DNA on Kirsteen’s clothes which she bagged up and gave to police.

Judge Robert Egbuna told Henry: “She has suffered significant psychological harm as a result of what you did.

“She attempted to commit suicide as a result of the rape in fear that had contracted HIV.

“She has flashbacks and is now in a position that she is paranoid in the company of men she does not know in public because she cannot put a face to the person that raped her.

“It was a disgraceful act.”

Last Friday (25/11) Kirsteen was presented with an award for her bravery by the High Sheriff of Derbyshire, Elizabeth Fothergill.

Kirsteen told  how she was “honoured” to have received a bravery award for her actions.

“I honestly can’t believe what I did but I am just relieved I help catch him.

“The poor woman was very drunk and I tried to convince her to come home with me so we could call the police but she refused.

“I had to go home in the end and I noticed my jumper was very wet. I guessed it might contain DNA from the attacker and gave it to police.

“Luckily it contained DNA and provided a match for Henry. The police said it was compelling evidence which helped catch him.

“I am honoured to receive the award. I acted on impulse.”

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