David Haye plays poker from a Lamborghini passenger seat

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Full Tilt Poker have enlisted none other than former World Heavyweight Champion of the World, David Haye, to help promote their new ‘Rush Poker’ game variant transitioning onto it’s very own app.

The promotional campaign sees Haye, alongside Full Tilt Poker Tour Pros Ben Jenkins and Sinem Melin, compete to see who can rack up the most hands of the Rush format in the time it takes for their supercar, a Lamborghini Aventador, to complete a lap of the circuit.

We won’t spoil the fun and tell you who wins the action packed thrill ride but what we can say is that it exhibits the key principle of the game mode, which is based on speed. The Rush poker game mode is completely unique in that it pits player together from all over the world and then gives them only two options when the cards are dealt, to go all in or to fold their hand.

If the player opts to fold then they are taken to a completely new game lobby almost immediately, in order to ensure fluid gameplay. It is said the aim of the variant is for users who have time for only a few hands of poker, as they may be able to win big from this format in a matter of minutes.

The video sees Haye being launched from side to side in his passenger seat despite being belted in, all the while musing that his online competitors are none the wiser to the fact he is beating them from inside a supercar. Jenkins however decides to poke fun at Haye on his lap round the track, as the Tour Pro claims that Haye should have found this task to be no trouble at all, given he has been in the ring with an “ogre” in his boxing career.

A major positive of the Rush game mode is the quick transition between tables, as if you are playing a single game or a tournament in the game format, each hand you play sends you to a completely different table. If that’s not enough for players who desire an extra few bursts of adrenaline then they can also try the ‘Adrenaline Rush’ mode.

The game consists of four-handed ring games where all the action takes place before the five card flop is revealed. This means that you can likely win big, or at least be confident in doing so, before the fourth or fifth cards are dealt, without the worry that your opponents can steal a march on those very same last cards and take more of your windfall in doing so.

You can buy-in for between five and ten big blinds, and can only raise or fold, making the game mode completely innovative in its methods.

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