Mum Rushed To Hospital In Her Bridal Gown After Going Into Labour On Her Wedding Day

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Laura Louis, 36, felt her waters break at her wedding reception just hours after tying the knot to husband Lou.

Joli Caméléon, The Joli Dancer European

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Specially designed for professional and amateur athletes, dancers and workout lovers, as well as
children, living with Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis.

Major financial institution adopts RackANGEL rack security solution

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With tightening regulatory and compliance requirements affecting information security, the need for better physical security to protect IT assets stored in data centre 19” racks has never been more important. These were just part of the challenges being faced by a major financial institution looking to improve the security of their server racks housed within…

Ex-HM Force Members Spearhead Bid For eLearning Success

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The Spearhead Story Too many companies put themselves, their staff and their customers at risk, simply because they don’t have the right skills and knowledge to achieve excellence within their organisation. This is a fact that John Loveday and Paul Hood were well aware of on leaving Her Majesty’s Forces, and they decided to do…

Business Rates Set to Rise and Fall in Greater Manchester

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According to the government, tax cuts for Manchester will help to boost the city’s economy and fuel the Northern Powerhouse. From April this year, it is expected that businesses in all of Greater Manchester’s boroughs will see business rates fall, with the exception of companies based in central Manchester. Currently, the UK Government is reviewing…

Can professional pallet warehousing make the difference between success and failure for businesses?

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Is the success of your business being hampered by limited space to store your products or raw materials? Or do you run an online ecommerce site and need to provide your customers with ever increasing order levels? If you can answer yes to either of these, outsourcing storage of your finished goods or raw materials…

The fascinating world of QR codes and the website

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An exciting look at QR code innovation and just about everything to do with QR codes – all from a website called And that’s because what they do with QR codes is kinda crazy – QR codes of every style, color and design. They offer QR codes that have a logo or picture uploaded…

Urgent Channel Summit Raises Awareness of GDPR Sales Opportunities as Deadline for Compliance Looms

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Event to be Held at Manchester Art Gallery, 25th May 2017 from 08:30-16:30 The countdown clock to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is ticking fast and with less than 14 months left until it comes into full force we continue to see a growth in data breaches and fines. The Reseller channel has a huge…

Twin Sisters Who Met Husbands On Same Night Celebrate 60th Wedding Anniversary

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Mary and Connie Stephenson, both 81, got hitched to their husbands at the same church after meeting their sweethearts on the same night.

How To Move Your Pets Abroad

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For most of us our pets are our family and we can’t possibly imagine taking up the dream to relocate and leaving our beloved pets behind. However, it doesn’t mean the process is a straight forward one. There are legal requirements, paperwork that needs to be completed, processes need to be thought through and then…

Meet The Premature Baby Thriving After Being Born 16 Weeks Premature – Thanks To A Sandwich Bag

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Tiny Peyton Keir was fighting for her life when she was born at 24 weeks, weighing just 800g, as she sought sanctuary in a ‘sandwich bag’ to protect her skin during the first hours of her life.

support life-saving technology to improve gas safety

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A Liverpool-based company’s efforts to use technology to improve gas safety in homes across the UK have been recognised in Parliament, as new research reveals the safety of millions of Britons is still being put at risk. George Howarth MP has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) praising Gas Tag Ltd and calling on landlords…

NHS England Accepts Liability in Knee Replacement Surgery Case

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Knee replacement surgery is a common procedure performed on older patients throughout the world, but there are instances when things don’t go as planned. For Sylvia, an 80-year-old woman from Worcester, her need for knee surgery became pressing after she had experienced consistent pain after twisting her leg. As someone who spent time line dancing…

NHS Announces Move Toward Integrating Social Care with Health Services

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As more elderly patients find themselves in need of medical attention, either for ongoing illness or treatment for incidental trauma, hospitals throughout the UK are facing an impressive amount of pressure regarding cost and the quality of care provided. The increased number of older patients seeking care within NHS trusts has also created a phenomenon…

‘Hard Brexit’ could leave local economies struggling

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Manufacturing and low-income localities in North and Midlands particularly vulnerable

New Study Reveals that getting a new Mattress can Reduce Stress

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A recent study shows that people tend to sleep much better and even suffer less back pain when they sleep on a new mattress. This study was conducted by Oklahoma State University, titled “Back Pain, Sleep Quality and Perceived Stress Following Introduction of New Bedding Systems.” Bert Jacobson, who is the lead researcher and head…

Mum Who Lost Daughter To A Brain Tumour 40 Years Ago Finds Footage Of Her Playing At School

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June Jones, 78, said it was a Mother’s Day miracle after her son came across the heart-wrenching video of her six-year-old daughter Kerry by chance.