Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson racks up £24k bar tab at new superclub

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Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson found himself hit by the bar on a wild night at the launch of a new superclub – with a £24,000 drinks tab. The reality TV hunk and a posse of co-stars downed Dom Perignon, Patron tequila, magnums of Grey Goose vodka and trendy champagne Ace of Spades. But…

Elderly residents on ‘tranquil’ residential park forced to fight off aggressive pair of swans with water pistols

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The two feathery fiends live on a river next to Hope Mill Park and had lived in harmony with residents for over a decade. But residents say the swans are becoming increasingly territorial – and have taken to attacking cars, tearing up lawns and pecking at windows.

Heartbreaking moment an elderly, deaf and blind Labrador enjoyed final trip to her favourite beach before being put down

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Jessie the Black Labrador was deaf, going blind, suffered from arthritis and needed to be lifted from a van for her last visit to the seaside. But despite her age and ailments the 15-and-a-half year-old pet had the energy for one final run – providing there would be food at the end of it.

FC Exchange receives Best Company Award 2016

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  Since co-founding FC Exchange in 2005, entrepreneurs Nick Fullerton and Martin Steenkamp, have driven exceptional growth. The business has grown by 230% in the last two years alone. Their May 2016 year end financials are expected to show a similar growth trajectory, as FC Exchange expands its global reach yet again, including capturing payment…

Turn ‘Mealtimes’ into ‘Together Times’ with our NEW Let’s Eat Together Placemat

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We are proud to announce the launch our new ‘Let’s Eat Together’ Children’s Placemat in the USA and the UK. This year our focus is on family ‘togetherness’ and with this in mind we have created a product that brings families together at mealtimes. We all like to see well behaved children in restaurants and…

Toddler can’t give his parents a cuddle unless he’s wrapped head-to-toe in bandages – because he’s allergic to hugs

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Little Freddie Algate suffers from a super-rare condition that causes his skin to peel off at the slightest touch – meaning his loving parents have to bandage him like a mummy before giving him a cuddle. Anything from rough clothing to even the most delicate human touch can irritate the two-year-old’s skin and cause it to peel, leaving him covered in agonising sores.

Woman’s life saved by her super clever dog, who performed a Heimlich-like manoeuvre after she started choking – on a snack

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Jenny Deakin stopped breathing and her lips turned blue when she took a bite of a tasty Rich Tea biscuit and it got lodged in her throat. But her quick-thinking dog Lily-Rose leapt into action and jumped up and down on the 30-year-old’s chest and stomach until the deadly crumbs were dislodged.

French Alps Holidays with Unlimited Wine & Beer!

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Great news to all holiday makers who have a winter ski holiday booked in the French Alps with SnowChateaux. There is now free, unlimited wine and beer included as part catered package, as well as carefully selected wines throughout your evening meals. Yet another reason to book with SnowChateaux!

Cancer sufferer who raised £40,000 from his hospice bed for a new nurse finally meets the ‘angel’ who will care for him in his dying days

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This week Tony Jules, 63, finally came face to face with Lisa Jarman whom he describes as ‘his angel.’ Tony, 63, was recently told he has only days to live after suffering prostate cancer.

Council orders pensioner to hack his 100-metre long historic hedge back to STUMPS over barmy ‘healthy and safety’ fears

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Roy Dowson has been ordered to trim the 140-year-old yew bush, which is 2.5m (8.2ft) high, after pedestrians complained there wasn’t room to walk along the pavement. Officials from Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department visited his home in the sleepy village of Burton-by-Lincoln, Lincs., on Tuesday (26/1) and ordered Mr Dowson to chop back the hedgerow by February 24.

Young woman who fell 50ft from Spanish hotel while SLEEPWALKING defies doctors who said she might never become a mum

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She had metal screws inserted to hold her pelvis together and was told she would be unable to cope with the weight of a baby. But against the odds she brought baby Ralph into the world last month and says being a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

Humanitarian Hunters: 3 Ways to Give Back to Your Community

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The war on hunting never seems to end, and Wisconsin is the latest battleground. The state’s Department of Natural Resources passed a ban on nighttime deer hunting back in 1991, which was upheld by a federal judge. The Chippewa Indian Nation filed a lawsuit in 2012 to get the ban overturned, and the U.S. 7th…

Mother who thought she was going deaf discovers she’s had a brain tumour for seven YEARS

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Liz Kirtley, 45, suffered from gradual hearing loss in one ear for a number of years but passed it off as nothing. It was only when the mother-of-two couldn’t hear on the phone anymore that she decided to go for a hearing test.

Stuffed bird with more than a passing resemblance to Donald Trump has been spotted at Bristol Museum

January 25, 2016 | by | 1 Comment

The male golden pheasant – real name ‘chrysolophus pictus’ – has a magnificent red plumage but it is its golden crest makes it resemble the bird-brained politician. As well as its distinctive hairdo, the pheasant turn heads with its lengthy tail – making up two-thirds of its metre-long body.

Cystic fibrosis sufferer dies suddenly after someone COUGHED next to her

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Tragic Kayleigh Box was diagnosed with the debilitating disease at just 11 months old after she became poorly and failed to gain weight. Kayleigh suffered years of endless pills, intravenous antibiotics, physiotherapy, nebulisers, hospital stays and appointments to battle cystic fibrosis.

Fuming mum hits out at top school which segregated her 13-year-old daughter from other pupils – after she dip-dyed her hair

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Complex case nurse Diane Kelly has hit out at the school’s decision to put her 13-year-old daughter Daisy into inclusion for her ‘ombre’ hairdo. Fuming Diane said that one teacher had even complimented the pupil on her new hairstyle at the start of term.

TrueVAPE E Liquid rebrands to Ichor Liquid

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TrueVAPE has for a long time been a household name known for offering solutions and meeting the needs of E liquid consumers especially those with allergies to Propylene Glycol. However, just like the saying goes: “all good things must come to an end”, the company finally decided to re-brand a move which marked the end…