Lived a remote existence : Woman turns 103 and reveals her secret is she’s never watched TV in her entire life

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Gertrude ‘Topsy’ Hindley has missed some of the world’s most historic moments – because she’s never owned a TV. She missed Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, the assassination of JFK, the moon landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the 9/11 attacks.

Teen cancer missed : Pretty 18-year-old died after doctors misdiagnosed her cancer and said weight loss was because she wanted to be a “stick insect.”

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Tragic Georgia Marrison started suffering from tiredness and persistent vomiting when she was studying for her A-level exams. The college student went to a walk-in centre with her mum but her weight loss was put down to severe anaemia – with one doctor even suggesting it was because she wanted thin.

Woman convicted of shoplifting at Waitrose after security spotted her because she did ‘not quite fit” with the supermarket’s ‘upper class and very well-dressed” clientele

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Kelly Pierson, who turned up to court in grubby clothes with a cigarette dangling from her lips, was described by one staff member as looking “a mess” and like a “typical drug user.” Team leader Mark Barnes said he was suspicious when he spotted Pierson pushing her trolley in the meat aisle at Waitrose’s store in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Taylor Swift is a ROBOT! The hilarious search suggestions from Google amusing Internet users

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The search engine automatically completes sentences in a drop down to predict what browsers are going to look for.

Magical send off : First full pagan funeral for centuries for a real-life white wizard Eron

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Eron the Wizard – a former builder named Ian Wilson – died aged 63 earlier this month from cancer. He was convinced he had magical powers and was dedicated to wizardry, touring the UK and spreading his form of ‘magic’.

Mum believes she’s making her daughter a genius by breastfeeding her a aged

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Mum-of-two Miira Dawson breast feeds Tara – despite the youngster already going to primary school. Miira believes “noo noo” – the family term for breastfeeding – is the key to ”health and IQ benefits” and says she would carry on until she was TEN if she could.

Bricking it! Man cheats death when neighbour’s house crushes his car in freak accident

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Eddie Hall, 68, had popped to his car which was parked on a driveway between his home and the property of his next door neighbour Brian Loveridge, 76. Seconds after climbing into the front seat, part of the gable end of Mr Loveridge’s semi-detached property collapsed sending tonnes of bricks onto Mr Hall’s blue Citroen.

3D printing boom in manufacturing will ‘bring lower prices for consumers’

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Experts named three key sectors set to benefit from the additive print process – motoring, aviation, electronics and health care.

Online directory of London service providers set to shake-up marketplace

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The concept of automatically finding the best match for the consumer and tradesman will provide competition to traditional listings site.

Four-bed home overlooking 18th hole at the home of golf – St Andrews – sells for £2m in Scotland’s biggest sale this year

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The Wynd on The Links road is described as an “impressive house with outstanding views over the world-famous Old Course”. It sits next to the narrow public road midway alongside the fairway – meaning there is no room to put a grandstand.

Butterfly boy – Two-year-old boy with a genetic condition nicknamed the Butterfly Disease has such delicate skin that he can’t wear shoes

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Brave Jackson Rochford is left with painful blisters and his fragile flesh tears whenever he changes clothes or feels the slighest touch. The tot can’t wear jeans or any rough materials because they make his skin peel and chafe.

Window leaner – Shocking pictures from Scotland show window cleaner balancing on a narrow ledge with NO safety equipment

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The man appears to use only his left hand to cling on to the outside of a third floor flat while wiping the windows with his other hand. Witnesses said he left the property through the window before carrying out the dangerous task, branding him “fearless” but “stupid”.

Daredevil becomes world’s first CLOUD SURFER – dangling from a helicopter on a SNOWBOARD

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The incredible footage sees stuntman Adrian ‘Wildman’ Cenni swooping through the skies – surfing clouds not waves. He is filmed being swept up to 6,000 feet to glide over the horizon at 80mph under the stunning sunshine.

Underwhelmed Scottish man finds out he’s won £8 million on the Lottery…. and says ‘LOVELY’ before erupting into ecstatic laughter

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Philip Dunning, 44, was calm when he called up the National Lottery, before joking that he was “shaking like a leaf”. The former shift-manager at a food processing factory ended up quitting his job of 15 years because of the win.

Britain’s oldest groundsman offers life savings to save local football club from closure

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Devoted Terry Henderson, 76, spends 12 hours a week looking after the pitch at lowly Hallen FC, despite walking with the aid of sticks. He regularly drives the tractor to cut the grass and lives in a mobile home next to the rural ground outside Bristol.

Bungling council workers paint double yellow lines across couple’s driveway – leaving them open to £1,000 fine every time they drive across it

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James Callan and his partner Lauren thought it was a “joke” when bungling council workers installed the parking prevention measure outside their home. They’ve now been told they are breaking the law by using the driveway as it is inside the yellow lines and by attempting to drive on or off their own land they will be making an illegal “vehicle crossing”.

“Is it my fault?” Calum Best opens up to charity about his relationship with alcoholic father in unseen footage

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In a brutally honest interview, tearful Calum reveals that the footballing superstar would only be sober enough to talk to him for just TWO HOURS a day. And he says he grew up thinking HE was to blame for the drink problems which ultimately drove his father to an early grave.